Evil Dead: The Game composers on crafting & preserving the franchise's musical identity

We spoke with Saber Interactive composer Steve Molitz and longtime Evil Dead composer Joseph LoDuca on the music from the 1981 film up to the 2022 game.


Saber Interactive’s Evil Dead: The Game is a labor of love, bringing a lot of aspects from across the franchise together in one excellent looking asymmetrical PVP multiplayer package. Players will be able to play as Ash, the Deadites, and plenty of other characters from across the series’ history in iconic locations as they either try to thwart the damned or slay the heroes. A part of locking that down is the music and Saber Interactive spared no expense. In addition to in-house composer Steve Molitz, Evil Dead film composer Joseph LoDuca came back to help score the game and we recently got to talk to them both.

The emotions were electric as we got to speak with Molitz and LoDuca about their contributions to Evil Dead: The Game’s score. Where Molitz worked on a lot of the music with help from LoDuca, LoDuca composed the main theme of the game himself. In that, we got to talk about more of the breakdown of everything from the game’s opening and title theme to the music in its credits, along with everything in between.

During this two-part interview, we also got to go over the history of Evil Dead’s music as a whole. LoDuca regaled us with stories of how the series' musical identity was formed and what he learned as he evolved the music of the films from the first Evil Dead in 1981 up to Army of Darkness in 1992. LoDuca also shares some of the methodology from his composing over the years and how he applied it to his work on Evil Dead: The Game.

If you’re a fan of Evil Dead, whether your interest is only in the films or you’re ready to jump into the game this May, this is an awesome series of interviews on both Saber’s Evil Dead: The Game and the history of music in the franchise.

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