Sifu Patch 1.08 notes bring difficulty options & training mode to the game

The spring update for Sifu has offered players a way to practice their combos and soften or increase the overall challenge of the game.


There were a lot of mixed emotions over Sifu when it came out, particularly due to the fact that the game is ridiculously difficult and unforgiving. However, those that enjoy the game for its style and action and want to enjoy it further have some options as of its latest big update. Sifu Patch 1.08 has launched and with it comes difficulty options and a training mode to practice your combos and adjust the butt-kickings received and handed out. Check out the full patch notes here.

Sifu Patch 1.08 notes

Sifu's Patch 1.08 Spring 2022 Content Update brings much-needed difficulty options and a training room to the game on PS4, PS5, and PC via the Epic Games Store.
Sifu's Patch 1.08 Spring 2022 Content Update brings much-needed difficulty options and a training room to the game on PS4, PS5, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

Sloclap dropped Sifu’s Patch 1.08, also referred to as its Spring 2022 Content Update, alongside accompanying patch notes on May 3, 2022. There’s quite a few bug fixes, rebalances, tweaks, and more, but the big news is the new features that have come to the game. There’s now a Training Room in which to practice your combos and flesh out your fighting style for maximum martial arts optimization on attack and defense. Patch 1.08 also brings difficulty options from Student to Master meant to make the game both easier and harder for those who want to adjust the overall challenge of the game. You’ll find these and further notes just below:

Design -  Outfits

  • Added an interactive wardrobe in the Wuguan for Outfit selection
  • Added 3 new outfits with unlock conditions

Design -  Training Room

  • Added most of the in-game enemies types
  • When you fight and defeat any enemy, you unlock them in the training room, allowing you to train and fight against advanced archetypes and the bosses.
  • Added the possibility to fight multiple enemies at once.
  • Added the possibility to redo the tutorial.

Design -  Difficulty Settings

Student Difficulty (Easy Mode)

  • More life and structure for the Main Character
  • Enemies are less aggressive
  • Enemies are less reactive in defense
  • Simplified patterns for various archetypes and bosses
  • The Death Counter cannot beyond 1
  • Better shrine rewards

Disciple Difficulty (Normal Mode)

  • The original Sifu experience

Master Difficulty (Hard Mode)

  • Less life and structure for the Main Character
  • More life and structure for various enemies
  • Enemies are more aggressive
  • New patterns for bosses

‍Design -  Hotfixes

  • Fixed the Juggernaut ability to retaliate while defending
  • Quicker post parry follow-up with various weapons
  • The camera is further away when surrounded by enemies during takedowns and focus


  • Fixed issues with 21/9 display screens


  • Fixed video looping issue on PS5
  • Various rendering fixes for low quality mode
  • Fixed some streaming issues
  • Fixed some minor texturing issues for Yang's 3D models


  • Add a "Dark Mode" display option to switch between light and dark backgrounds in the -menus, light backgrounds are now slightly less bright
  • Popups now warn you more clearly about important choices
  • More discreet XP box in HUD
  • Clearer feedback when a focus bar is full
  • Various keyboard inputs display fixes

Sound Design

  • Audio output format selection
  • Fix some unwanted behaviour on surround audio systems

When we reviewed Sifu, the unforgiving challenge and bugs were definitely among our complaints. With Patch 1.08, the game should be a more overall satisfying experience whether you want it to hit harder or softer. Be sure to stay tuned for further updates here at Shacknews.

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