FPS: First Person Shooter documentary launches Indiegogo campaign with new trailer

Shacknews' own David Craddock is co-directing the 3-hour documentary with around 45 industry legends covering the history of first-person shooters.


Back in 2021, Shacknews’ own David Craddock and co-director Chris Stratton announced intention to launch FPS: First Person Shooter, a documentary dedicated to the long and rich history of first-person action gaming. They have been working diligently on the project and are now taking FPS to Indiegogo for a funding campaign that launches today alongside a new trailer for the project.

First announced in 2021, FPS: First Person Shooter is set to be around a three-hour documentary which explores the full history and behind-the-scenes details of the first-person shooter genre. Launching an Indiegogo campaign as of April 28, 2022 for funding, it dates all the way back to the 1970s with stories detailing the making of Maze War, considered by many to be the very first FPS. The documentary will carry viewers through the decades with similar history and never-before-told stories from around 45 professionals that have contributed to the FPS genre, including the likes of John Romero, John Carmack, Tom Hall, Cliff Bleszinski, Warren Spector, Robin Walker, John Cook, Joseph Staten, Dave Oshry, Jon St. John, and more. You can watch the latest trailer for the documentary below.

With so many major players in the history of the FPS genre on-board, co-directors Chris Stratton and David Craddock and co-writer/producer Richard Moss want to make FPS: First Person Shooter a definitive retelling of the genre’s history.

“First-person shooters are enjoyed by millions of players around the world,” said Craddock. “Given the enduring popularity of classics from the ‘90s and 2000s, our film promises to be a fun trip through some of the greatest games and moments in this beloved genre.”

Stratton echoed Craddock’s sentiment, sharing that he hopes viewers will be entertained by the long trip down Memory Lane and behind some of the curtains along the way.

“I want to make this film an entertaining ride that recaptures the feelings of joy created by some of the most incredible virtual experiences of our youth,” Stratton said.

“With 100+ hours of interview footage to sift through from a stellar lineup of contributors across some of the coolest games ever, I can't wait to dig into the script and to share these fantastic stories with our backers,” said Richard Moss, promising a dense and rich variety of stories and information throughout the documentary’s runtime.

Interested parties can check out FPS: First Person Shooter’s Indiegogo campaign now, which offers various funding packages with bonuses to backers. As we await further details such as the progress of the campaign and eventual release date of the documentary, stay tuned here at Shacknews for further updates.

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