How to migrate Doom Eternal save file from Bethesda to Steam

Taking your save file from the Bethesda launcher to Steam is going to take some work, but Shacknews is here to help.


Earlier this year, Bethesda announced that it cease support for its proprietary launcher. Its future will instead rely on Steam, the Epic Games Store,, and other services. Existing titles exclusive to the Bethesda launcher would move over to Steam. Those looking to migrate their save files from the Bethesda launcher may have to take a few steps to send them over to their new home on Steam. However, Doom Eternal is going to require some extra effort. Don't worry, though, because Shacknews is here to walk you through the process.

How to migrate Doom Eternal save file from Bethesda to Steam

How to migrate Doom Eternal save file from Bethesda to Steam

Unlike other Bethesda launcher titles, Doom Eternal save files cannot be moved manually. If you didn't buy Doom Eternal from Steam from the beginning, you're going to have to go the extra mile to make this work. We've outlined all of the steps below, as noted on the Bethesda website:

  • Open Doom Eternal from Steam and make sure Cloud Saves are enabled.
  • Open the Doom Eternal save conversion tool.
  • Open the Bethesda save file location. (C:\Users\\Saved Games\id Software\DOOMEternal\base\savegame)Find the BUID (Bethesda User ID) folder, which is a folder that contains a long string of numbers and letters. If there are multiple users on Doom Eternal, you'll want to find the one that matches your Bethesda User ID.
  • Right-click the folder, select Sent To, and select Compressed (zipped) folder.
  • Return to the Doom Eternal save conversion tool and follow any instructions that pop up. Hit the Select File button and select the .zip file you just created.
  • Upload the file and you should be good to go.

This will only work with the Steam version of Doom Eternal. Of course, given that there are no DRM-free or EGS versions of the game out there, this shouldn't be much of an issue.

You should now be able to play your copy of Doom Eternal on Steam with your Bethesda save file. Say goodbye to the Bethesda launcher forever and enjoy your future Bethesda releases through Valve's service. Keep it here on Shacknews for the latest news and guides, as we rip and tear until it is done.

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