Metroid Dread Ver. 2.1.0 patch notes add 3 Boss Rush modes

The latest patch for Metroid Dread is out and brings three ways for players to challenge themselves to gauntlets of the game's bosses.


A new patch has come for Metroid Dread, giving players all-new ways to challenge the game. Version 2.1.0 brings in three different boss rush modes. If you think you’re capable of taking down each boss the game has to offer in increasingly difficult challenges, you should be sure to apply the free update on your Nintendo Switch. Check out the patch note details for Metroid Dread Ver. 2.1.0 here.

Metroid Dread Ver. 2.1.0 patch notes

Nintendo dropped the Metroid Dread Version 2.1.0 update and its accompanying patch notes on April 7, 2022. The big headliner on these particular notes are the new Boss Rush modes. Metroid Dread now has three of them and they can be unlocked after beating the main game. The regular Boss Rush has you challenge the game’s bosses to try to beat them in the fastest time possible. Survival Rush has you killing the bosses against a clock counting down. Each kill scores you more time and the goal is to get through as many as possible before time runs out. Finally, Dread Rush brings Dread Mode to Boss Rush. Get hit even once and you’re dead in that one. Check out the full notes below:

New Modes Added

  • Three different boss rush modes have been added to the game. Press the R Button on the “Samus Files” screen to move to the Boss Rush selection screen.

Boss Rush

  • A mode where players fight 12 continuous boss battles, and aim for the best time.
  • Any damage received is carried-over into the next fight. Weapons are fully-restored between battles.
  • If Samus is defeated, players may select “Retry” to continue playing from the start of the battle they lost. There is, however, a time penalty for being defeated.
  • Bosses fought in Boss Rush can be fought one-on-one at any time by selecting “Practice”.
  • *Unlocked by clearing the main game a single time. (In the event that a player has completed the game before the update was released, they will be able to play Boss Rush immediately after updating).

Survival Rush

  • A mode where players see how many bosses they can defeat inside of the 5 minute time limit.
  • Any damage received, or weapons spent are carried-over into the next battle. Even if time remains on the clock, Samus being defeated will result in a game over.
  • Defeating a boss will add a fixed amount of time to the countdown clock. Defeat a boss without receiving any damage to receive an even bigger time bonus.
  • Survival Rush is unlocked by completing either Boss Rush or Dread Rush.

Dread Rush

  • The basic rules are the same as in Boss Rush, but if Samus is hit by a boss, her energy drops to zero and she is defeated.
  • Bosses fought in Dread Rush can be fought one-on-one at any time by selecting “Practice”.
  • Unlocked by clearing the main game using Dread Mode. (In the event that a player has completed Dread Mode before the update was released, they will be able to play Dread Rush immediately after updating).

General Fixes

  • Fixed an error where the Game Over screen would not display properly when Samus takes damage and is defeated immediately after destroying a central unit.

That covers the notes for Metroid Dread Version 2.1.0. We very much enjoyed the launch of the game last year and you can read more in our Shacknews review. In the mean time, enjoy Boss Rush mode and stay tuned for more updates and news on Metroid Dread.

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