Playdate's first shipping batch 'on their way to fulfillment center'

Get ready, because the first batch of Playdates will begin shipping out soon!


The official Playdate social media accounts shared an exciting update today regarding when buyers can expect the handhelds to begin shipping. As shared by Playdate on Twitter, “Group One’s batch of brand new shiny Playdates are on their way to our fulfillment center in California as we speak!”

It’s also noted that even though the Group One batch of Playdates is en route to the company’s California fulfillment center, more time will be required for these units to be processed once they arrive before they can begin shipping out.

An exact time frame for when Group One buyers can expect to receive their Playdate handheld has yet to be shared. However, the Playdate Twitter account assures that, “It’s almost time!”

The update in regards to shipping is undoubtedly a welcome one for those who’ve been eager to get their hands on the Playdate they ordered, especially after the first shipment was delayed back in November of 2021. The reasons cited for the delay include a battery issue and the ongoing chip shortage as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On this, the blog post from Playdate that first announced the shipping delay explained that the company decided to revise the handheld’s main board to work with a similar, but more available, CPU. The battery issue was also one that was resolved fairly quickly, with Playdate shipping 5,000 units to Malaysia to “be given new batteries.”

The final tweet from Playdate assures the company will be emailing everyone in Group One soon. As such, it’s recommended that everyone in Group One checks to ensure their mailing addresses are still valid.

All in all, we’re excited to hear that Group One can look forward to receiving their Playdates soon. For more on the Playdate handheld, check out our feature that details what the Panic Playdate handheld is all about.

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