Variable Refresh Rate support is coming to PS5 'in the months ahead'

Other fan-requested features are being added as well including the ability to create or join Open and Closed parties on PS4 and PS5.


In a new entry on the PS Blog regarding software updates for the PS4 and PS5, it was confirmed that Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) for PS5 is coming “in the months ahead.” Specifically, Variable Refresh Rate will be available for PS5 on HDMI 2.1-compatible TVs and PC monitors. It’s also noted that VRR results may vary based on the games you’re playing, and the TV you’re playing them on.

It’s exciting to hear Variable Refresh Rate is coming to PS5, and not only that, but that PS5 games can be optimized for VRR with the possibility of future games including VRR support at launch.

Of course, VRR isn’t the only item of interest mentioned in the PS Blog post as it also addresses some fan-requested features that are being made available on PS4 and PS5. For example, the ability to create or join Open and Closed Parties, along with UI enhancements to Game Base and Trophy cards on PS5.

Digging into this further, the PS Blog post remarks that the ability for PS App users to create or join Open and Closed parties will start gradually rolling out later today. A recent update to the PS App Game Base UI has also made it easier to “access the Friends, Parties and messaging features” as well. To make the PS App easier on the eyes, a new “dark mode” setting has been added alongside new Screen Reader languages on the app for both Android and iOS.

For more information about the updates for PS4 and PS5 including the ability to create and join Open and Closed parties, be sure to read through the full post on the PS Blog. Are you looking forward to the PS5 having Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) support? Let us know!

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