Dark Souls' multiplayer exploit has allegedly been completely fixed in Elden Ring

The multiplayer exploit has been disclosed as promised, but it has also apparently been totally sealed up in Elden Ring.


Coming up on about a month after Elden Ring’s initial release, the servers for the Dark Souls games are still down due to the discovery of a multiplayer exploit that could potentially give outside operators access to a player’s PC. In the wake of that, the exploit has finally been published by its discoverers, disclosing the full details of the exploit. However, it came with insistence that the exploit is seemingly completely fixed in Elden Ring.

The exploit was disclosed by user tremwill on GitHub very recently. Said disclosure contains the files and instructions for recreating the exploit reliably in Dark Souls 3. There is little chance of it doing harm at the moment because Bandai Namco took the servers for all Souls games down. Sekiro’s servers are down too. Though the game doesn’t have a multiplayer mechanic, the exploit still allegedly exists in the game, albeit without a trigger to activate it. Nonetheless, Bandai Namco promised to fix the issue before it would put the Souls games’ multiplayer servers back online. It seems that’s still a work in progress.

There is some good news to come of this, though. Reportedly, the user who discovered the exploit was in touch with Video Games Chronicle recently to say that the exploit has seemingly been removed entirely in Elden Ring. If true, it would seem FromSoftware and Bandai Namco have at least narrowed in on how to fix the issue, though there’s no telling if it can be applied to games that are complete, as opposed to Elden Ring, which was still in development when the exploit was discovered and thankfully shared in a non-malicious manner.

Nonetheless, it seems Elden Ring players have little to worry about in regards to this bug. As we await further updates on the Dark Souls servers and the fix for the exploit from Bandai Namco, stay tuned for further updates.

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