Monaco 2 returns to co-op heisting after almost a decade

It's been almost 10 years, but the sequel to Monaco: What's Yours is Mine is finally in development.


Hundreds of indie games have come and gone over the past decade. Some have become unforgettable classics, while a few others resonated as cult hits. Monaco: What's Yours is Mine falls into the latter category, offering up co-op heisting gameplay in an era when indie gaming was just starting to blow up. For those who missed the original game, worry not, because Pocketwatch Games is coming back with an all-new sequel, Monaco 2.

Humble Games will take on publishing duties for Monaco 2 after they've picked up the rights to the IP. Seeing the potential for growth, Humble hopes to make the most out of the Monaco license, starting with this sequel. Of course, the sequel will be put together by the original Pocketwatch team, including creator Andy Schatz.

"I want to make the ultimate heist simulator," Schatz said. "I want to make a game that you can go back to and you can play over and over again, and figure out new paths, and play with your friends. Case the joint, really figure out the best way to break into a place, and do it. There are 3D environments that really focus on verticality and that verticality is going to lead to incredible amounts of player expression, in terms of how they tackle these missions."

Schatz is also promising a procedurally-generated experience, meaning it's more than likely that no two heists will be the same. This will not only give Monaco 2 a greater sense of replayability, but should also fit well into the streaming ecosystem that was in its infancy back when the original Monaco released.

There's no timetable for Monaco 2's release, but expect it to come to PC whenever it's ready. Schatz is fully committed to transparency, so those looking to keep up on the game's progress can visit the Pocketwatch Twitch channel from Tuesdays through Friday every week and see how things are coming along. If you're curious about the original Monaco, you can step into our time machine and revisit an early interview with Schatz about its inspirations.

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