Nvidia reveals new monthly price for RTX 3080 tier on GeForce Now

You no longer have to pay for a six-month membership to try out the RTX 3080 tier on GeForce NOW.


Today, Nvidia revealed a new one-month subscription price for its RTX 3080 tier on GeForce NOW. With this, it'll be a lot easier for people to dip their toes into the water and try the service out, as opposed to having to pay for a full six months.

The price for the one-month RTX 3080 tier will be $19.99 (USD) or £17.99 per month. Note that you can still purchase the six-month membership for $99.99 (USD), or around $16.66 (USD) per month, and save yourself some money.

As for what you get with the RTX 3080 tier, you get exclusive access to RTX 3080 servers, 8-hour session lengths, streaming at up to 1440p at 120fps on PC and Mac, and 4K HDR at 60fps on Nvidia’s Shield TV.

Nvidia now offers a monthly subscription for its RTX 3080 tier.
Nvidia now offers a monthly subscription for its RTX 3080 tier.

On the website, the RTX 3080 subscription is described as follows:

Other exciting news regarding GeForce Now includes the fact it’s getting six more games this week including Buccaneers!, Distant Worlds 2, Ironsmith Medieval Simulator, Bus Driver Simulator, Martha is Dead, and Survival Quiz CITY.

And if you’ve been missing Fortnite on iOS, you can also play Fortnite on iOS Safari and Android devices with touch controls through GeForce NOW. For more on the RTX 3080 membership tier of GeForce NOW specifically, be sure to read through our initial coverage of the service when it launched back in October of last year.

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