Fatshark celebrates Vermintide 2's 4-year anniversary with update, sale

The Warhammer-licensed cooperative action game continues to delight fans years after its original launch.


We hope you saved some room for cake. Fatshark has announced its celebration for the 4-year anniversary of its most recent game, Warhammer: Vermintide 2. It managed to build on the cooperative action formula established with the first Vermintide game and has been a multiplayer staple on PC and consoles since 2018. To mark the occasion, Fatshark is offering a big discount on the base game and its DLC, along with a limited-time event that runs from March 8 through March 30.

The Vermintide series marries the frantic first-person action of Left 4 Dead with melee and casting attacks, all set against the backdrop of the Warhammer license. Players will chop, stab, slice, and fireball thousands of those dirty rats on their way to personal glory.

Fatshark says the limited-time event will bring the level A Quiet Drink for players to access. The base game is also being marked down by 80% on digital retailers such as Steam. It isn’t often that highly-acclaimed titles like Vermintide 2 see such big discounts, so if you have an itch to try some rat killing, Vermintide 2 should go on your shortlist.

"I'm proud of what we’ve been able to add to the industry and to be part of the Warhammer world. I'm even prouder of the Fatshark staff for their hard work and dedication to create the best possible experience for our players," says Martin Wahlund, CEO of Fatshark. "We’ve got a lot more in store for Vermintide 2, and I’m excited about the new releases during 2022."

Fatshark has been hard at work on the follow-up release to Vermintide 2. Warhammer 40K: Darktide was revealed to the public over a year ago and remains one of the most-anticipated releases on the horizon.

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