Xbox Cloud Gaming to get keyboard and mouse support

You'll soon be able to play Xbox Cloud Gaming titles like Microsoft Flight Simulator with mouse and keyboard.


With the recent addition of Microsoft Flight Simulator to Xbox Cloud Gaming comes questions regarding things like mouse and keyboard support. Fortunately, the developers of Microsoft Flight Simulator have some good news to share on this front.

In a recent developer Q&A reported on by Windows Central, Flight Simulator head Jorg Neumann noted that Microsoft is working to add mouse and keyboard support for Xbox Cloud Gaming on a platform level. So, not just for Microsoft Flight Simulator, but Xbox Cloud Gaming as a whole.

As for when you can expect mouse and keyboard support for Xbox Cloud Gaming, Neumann doesn’t have a date to share given this isn’t coming from their team, but rather Microsoft’s platform team. Still, Neumann points out that mouse and keyboard support is coming.

While we don’t have a date for when Xbox Cloud Gaming will get mouse and keyboard support, it’s nevertheless nice to hear that Microsoft is working on it for the platform. That, and games like Microsoft Flight Simulator will make use of it once it’s available.

The news doesn’t come exclusively from the Microsoft Flight Simulator team either, but also through a statement provided to The Verge where a Microsoft spokesperson confirms the team is indeed working on mouse and keyboard support.

We’ll be sure to update you once more information about when mouse and keyboard support is coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming. Based on Neumann’s statements though, it sounds like we can expect to see it sometime later this year.

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