Unboxing & Review: Nyjah Skatepark Tech Deck Playset

The Nyjah Skatepark Tech Deck Playset comes with an exclusive Nyjah Huston model Tech Deck and the Nyjah Skatepark X-Connect Park Creator.


If you ever played with Tech Deck toys as a kid, you’ll be happy to hear they’re making a stylish return! To give you a better idea as to what you can expect from the new line of Tech Deck sets, our very own Greg Burke recently sat down and unboxed the Nyjah Skatepark Tech Deck Playset.

Included in the set is, of course, a fingerboard for your fingers to skate around on, with the one included being the exclusive Nyjah Huston model. To help you perform sick tricks with your new fingerboard, the Nyjah Skatepark Tech Deck Playset also comes with a customizable mini skateboard park.

Using the Nyjah Skatepark X-Connect Park Creator, you can set up a nice skating challenge for yourself using the stair set, rail, Hubba ledge, and ramps. If that’s not enough, the set is also compatible with other sets like the Bowl Builder or Jump N’ Grind ramp sets (sold separately).

If you want to set up something elaborate, be prepared to dedicate a fair amount of time to this endeavor. During our unboxing, we remarked that putting the skatepark set together was a time-consuming challenge, and once complete, things didn’t necessarily feel as sturdy as they should.

Now, the Tech Deck itself is a completely different story with attention clearly having been paid to the details. The Tech Deck has grip tape, clean decals on the bottom, and die-cast metal parts.

According to Greg’s unboxing and review, the Tech Deck is really well-made. In the future, it’d be nice to see higher quality plastic parts that are easier to assemble, especially considering the Nyjah Skatepark Tech Deck Playset is approved for ages 6 and up.

If you’re buying this for your 6-year-old, be prepared to help them put everything together – and by help we mean you’ll be the one putting this together for them. Still, it's a fun set and one that's worth the time for the nostalgia of it alone. The Nyjah Skatepark Tech Deck Playset retails for $24.99 (USD) and can be purchased here.

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