PS5 game captures can soon be shared with the PlayStation App

If you want to save some storage space on your PS5, you'll soon be able to save your game capture on the PlayStation App.


PlayStation 5 owners may have noticed that there isn't a lot of available storage on the console. That's especially true with digital games rapidly increasing in size. That means there won't be much space available for video capture or screenshots. Fortunately, PlayStation is looking to address this by offering a new way to share game capture. On Wednesday, the PlayStation team announced that PS5 footage would soon be able to be shared through the PlayStation App.

According to the PlayStation website, the ability to share game capture will come with the latest update to the PlayStation App on both iOS and Android. When enabled, players can take whatever game capture is taken through the Share button on the DualSense and automatically upload it to the cloud. Users can then pick up that footage for the next 14 days before it is automatically deleted. This will apply to HD, but not 4K, videos under three minutes and any screenshots taken through the Create Menu.

In order to allow for capture to be taken, a user's PS5 must be linked to the PlayStation App and left in rest mode while the Stay Connected to the Internet setting is enabled. At that point, the player must open the PlayStation App, select Library, and select Enable from the Captures menu. For auto-upload, go to the Media Gallery on the PS5 and follow the pop up instructions or turn on Auto-Upload from the Settings menu. After taking capture, app users can download it directly to their mobile device, share with their party, and share on social media.

There are a few issues worth pointing out. Manual upload to the app is not allowed, so auto-upload is the only way to go for the moment. That also means that while capture can manually be deleted from the console, anything uploaded to the app will stay on the cloud for 14 days. Plus, as noted, only 1080p video is supported, so if you want to share the amazing visuals of something like Horizon Forbidden West, you won't be able to capture that essence in full. Lastly, check your mic, because any audio captured from your microphone or party voice chat will be included in the clips.

The ability to share PS5 game capture on the PlayStation App is coming soon to the United States and the rest of the world. If you're looking for the PlayStation App, you can pick it up on the App Store and Google Play.

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