No Man's Sky Sentinel Update 3.8 adds new robot foes & friends to help fight them

The new Sentinel enemies are going to give players a hard time in No Man's Sky's overhauled combat, but AI-driven mech companions might help.


We’re knee-deep in 2022 and No Man’s Sky still has players kicking around the vast, unexplored cosmos with new content to show for it. The latest major patch has launched for No Man’s Sky in Update 3.8. Dubbed the Sentinel Update, this one brings some tougher robotic foes to contend with, as well as a combat overhaul and AI mecha companions with which to aid you in dealing with them.

Hello Games released the No Man’s Sky Sentinel Update 3.8 and its patch notes on the game’s website on February 16, 2022. The main headliner of this update is the addition of new titular Sentinel enemies. Joining the robotic planetary forces that try to keep you from safely exploring is the Hardframe Battle Mech. This nasty fellow features some tough armor, but it also has a jetpack to help it stay on your tail. Fortunately, you can now install an AI module into your own mechs so they can move, interact, fight alongside, and protect you even when you’re not actively piloting them.

Joining all of this is an overhaul of combat for No Man’s Sky in general. A lot of weapons and their effects and impact have been reworked to give them more visual and functional oomph. New weapons and tools have also been added to take advantage of the reworked combat design, including a rapid-fire Pulse Spitter, charging Blaze Javelin laser beam, and the explosive-lobbing Plasma Launcher and Geology Cannon. There’s even new toys to help out like the active camouflage Cloaking Device to help you get out of danger or avoid it altogether.

There’s plenty more to see in No Man’s Sky Update 3.8, so if you’ve been away from the game for a bit, dive in and see what kind of challenges the Sentinel Update has to offer. In the meantime, stay tuned here at Shacknews for further updates and information as it becomes available on the No Man’s Sky topic.

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