First Pokemon Legends: Arceus tournament being organized by former world champion

The first Pokemon Legends: Arceus tournament is coming soon, which should be interesting, given that the game has no PvP component whatsoever.


The Pokemon series has gotten a shot in the arm over the last few weeks with the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, a purely single-player adventure. However, there are more than a few people in the community who are thinking with the mindset of Pokemon being a typically multiplayer experience. What happens when a game like Arceus doesn't have multiplayer, but you still want to compete? The answer is to make something up, which is what a former Pokemon World Champion has decided to draw up.

Wolfe Glick is the 2016 Pokemon VGC (Video Game Championship) World Champion and remains a top name in the competitive Pokemon realm today. Like many other fans, he's been playing Pokemon Legends: Arceus and wondering about its competitive potential. However, Arceus does not have any sort of PvP component. However, that's not going to stop him from throwing the game's first major invitational tournament on March 5 (via Upcomer).

Glick himself will be competing alongside streamers like JaidenAnimations, ConnorEatsPants, Alpharad, PokemonChallenges, and RTGame, with more names to be announced later. Without a PvP component, theories are currently being thrown around (including by our own Donovan Erskine, who reviewed the game) as to how this will even work. The rules will likely involve catching certain Pokemon (Alphas, in particular) of a high level and who can do it the fastest. The Upcomer post also notes the possibility of third-party tools, citing Pokemon Showdown specifically, which would allow for players to take their Alphas into a makeshift arena for actual battle.

More details for Glick's tournament will be revealed in the next week, as Glick cited the need for additional testing before any further announcements. You can follow him now on Twitch, which will be the likely destination for the March 5 tournament. If you're playing the game for yourself and need some help, be sure to check out our Pokemon Legends: Arceus page for the latest news and helpful guides.

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