7 Gran Turismo 7 features to get your motor running

Gran Turismo 7 looks to take the franchise to dizzying new heights with its new technology, features, and systems.


The latest PlayStation State of Play revealed a wealth of new information in the lead up to Gran Turismo 7’s release in March, and we’ve been unable to stop salivating. The team at Polyphony Digital has upped the ante, cramming more features and technology into a series that was already bursting at the seams. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite Gran Turismo 7 features that were revealed during today’s livestream. Buckle up, racer.

The café for cars

There’s something about luxurious vehicles and cafes that go so well together, and Gran Turismo 7 is tapping into this with its café. Instead of a beverage menu, players will receive a car collection menu that offers new vehicles to be unlocked. The car’s silhouette will no doubt tempt you into unlocking it, which will be achieved by participating in the game’s campaign and following the acquisition tips offered up.

Beyond unlocking new vehicles, the café is also an opportunity to hear more about the vehicle from the designers themselves. These designers will stop by the café to chat about their vehicles, offering players a moment to learn about the car’s history and culture. But there is another, bigger means of learning about the vehicles, and that’s via the game’s museum.

This museum is where players can learn about the rich history behind each individual brand. Players will be treated to a wealth of information regarding their favorite manufacturer, from its creation right up until the modern day. This repository of knowledge includes photographs from throughout history as well as critical information as brands entered a new era.

Customization is king

From cosmetic adjustments to in-depth modifications and performance alterations, Gran Turismo 7 is going to be chockfull of customization options. The State of Play on February 2 noted that each car features roughly 60 types of performance parts, allowing users to dive under the hood and alter the driving systems and overall performance of their favorite vehicle.

But, as we all know, a car is only as good as it looks. Gran Turismo 7 offers up an astonishing number of cosmetic customizations for players to tinker with. From body colors, spoilers, and roll cages to hub caps, wheels, and wide-body modifications, there are thousands of different permutations available. Players will also be able to create unique paint jobs using the Livery Editor, which now allows stickers to be placed on surfaces that previously did not allow alterations.

In the event you don’t want to blow your credits tweaking a brand new vehicle, there is also a used shop that allows players to purchase cars at more affordable prices. However, some rare and popular vehicles may be more expensive than when they were first released. Things like the Japanese sports cars of the ‘90s may fetch a higher price given their surge in popularity.

Music plays a special role

Music is taking a front seat in Gran Turismo 7 thanks to the new Music Rally and Music Replay features. Replays have always been a big part of the series, allowing users to revisit some of their favorite moments from races. In this next entry in the franchise, Music Replay will elevate these recordings to new heights as music and camera angles seamlessly work together to create a more emotive replay. No longer are camera positions limited to the track, they can now appear on various parts of the vehicle’s body and interior, with the system randomly generating new camera angles based on the timing and rhythm of the music.

It’s not just replays that get the musical treatment as players will also be able to engage in the Music Rally mode. In this mode, players will race to tune of music in a checkpoint time trial where the timer is seemingly linked to the beats of the song.

Ray tracing on PlayStation 5

Gran Turismo has always been known for its visual fidelity. Every new entry in the franchise is lauded for its sleek and stunning graphics, as the technology of the time allows the developers to achieve near-perfect visuals. And now, thanks to the power of the PlayStation 5, Gran Turismo 7 boasts photo-realistic graphics thanks to ray tracing technology.

From stunning interiors to vibrant exteriors, every inch of the vehicles in Gran Turismo 7 has been crafted to accurately reflect their real-world counterparts. Ray tracing allows the naturally reflective surfaces of vehicles to appear more lifelike than ever before, reflecting back the world around them, whether it’s other vehicles or the weather.

Weather and starry night technology

Speaking of weather, Gran Turismo 7 looks to offer up some truly breathtaking weather systems. The developers have simulated real-world cloud formation properties, enabling them to create lifelike weather based on specific locations. Thanks to the differences in variables like temperature, humidity, and air pressure, cloud formation in Gran Turismo 7’s version of Japan will be different from its representation of weather in California.

Though it’s not technically the weather, the heavenly bodies we all stare up at during the evening are an important part of the sky in Gran Turismo 7. To this end, the starry night sky will be based on a simulation of real-world star and planet positions.

All of this culminates into a system that will change the experience of racing. The weather will have a direct impact on vehicle physics, from tire grip and engine power to the effectiveness of slipstream effects. Paying close attention to the rain cloud radar will help experienced players account for differences in the track, such as avoiding puddles and looking for dry patches.

Robust camera mode

Gran Turismo 7 features an unbelievably gorgeous camera mode in the form of Scapes. Players can place their vehicles in lifelike locations from around the world and then take to the editor. In this editor, a swathe of options allows for an unprecedented level of control over the appearance of these photos and all of it can be rendered in full HDR. The photography mode isn’t just limited to Scapes, as players can also take photos from their own race replays, bringing another angle to their achievements.

Fan-favorite tracks will return

Though looking at cars on showroom floors and reading about vehicle history is all good and well, players want to get to racing. In Gran Turismo 7, users will get to flex their motor muscles on a huge number of tracks as the game includes over 90 layouts across 34 different locations. Furthermore, long-time fans will be pleased to hear that some popular tracks are returning, including Trial Mountain, Deep Forest, and High Speed Ring.

Bonus! PlayStation 5 DualSense

The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller is one of the most incredible controllers to ever be released. From its adaptive triggers to its haptic vibrations and feedback, players can feel every element of their favorite games like never before, and the same holds true for Gran Turismo 7. The triggers will be able to deliver to the player more information in the form of tire lock state sensations and other subtleties drivers pick up while controlling a car on a track.

I could keep writing about Gran Turismo 7 all day, but let’s leave it there for now. In fact, I even threw in a bonus point because I have no self-control. The game is looking absolutely astonishing, and we’re only a short while out from the Gran Turismo 7 release date, March 4, 2022. What did you think of the PlayStation State of Play for GT7? Let us know in the Chatty thread below!

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