ShackStream: skankcore64 - Episode 112

Let's pick it up with more skankcore64, Bryan's quest to complete every N64 game released in North America.


Salutations, my fair Shackizens, I hope you're having a restful weekend. Sunday afternoons are typically for lazing about but I'm here with a new skankcore64 episode, just for you! My personal journey through every Nintendo 64 game released in North America will continue around 3:00 p.m. PT/ 6:00 p.m. ET, only on Shacknews Twitch.

Episode 112 - Rusty Bucket Bay Area

Erstwhile on skankcore64, I used a slightly shorter livestream window to take care of some unfinished business in the first few areas of Banjo-Kazooie. There were six unclaimed hollow honeycomb pieces cleverly hidden—and some not so much—in the first three large levels of the game and I couldn't let them go unnoticed. The hollow honeycombs are used to increase your total number of hit points, one hit point for each six collected, and thus are quite important for completing the later and more difficult stages.

Speaking of more difficult stages, I unlocked the entrance to Rusty Bucket Bay just before ending the last skankcore64 episode. This is widely considered to be the most taxing and frustrating level of Banjo-Kazooie so it should be a lot of fun! That is to say, it should be a hoot for all the viewers, at least. Rusty Bucket Bay is the second to last themed level with bits and baubles to collect, so I'm heading into the final hours. Make sure you have a tab open to Shacknews Twitch if you haven't caught any of my Banjo-Kazooie play through yet, there's not much left!

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From the test launch of the NES in New York to 4K gaming in his living room, Bryan Lefler has been immersed in video games his entire life. Battle tested in the arena shooters of the turn of the century yet kind to all animals that may cross him, Bryan enjoys a breadth of games but strives to be the best in any contest of digital skill. He is a former esports competitor and has been part of the Shacknews community for over 15 years. You can also catch him on skankcore64 streams on the Shacknews Twitch channel where he plays through the N64 library and follow him on Twitter @skankcore.

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