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Unboxing & Review: Pokemon Fusion Strike Booster Box

Check out a full unboxing of a Pokemon Fusion Strike Booster Box to see if we can pull any rare and powerful cards!


Trading card games have been around for decades now. While a lot of the excitement of these games comes from building decks, fighting other players, and seeing if you’ve got the heart of the cards, there is another avenue of joy: unwrapping boosters. We here at Shacknews have gotten our hands on a Pokemon Fusion Strike Booster Box, which means we’ve got a lot of unwrapping to do. Join Greg Burke as he dives into this box of cards.

As mentioned above, a lot of fun is to be found in unboxing the booster packs. Each pack is full of useful cards that players may want to add to their deck, but the main excitement comes from pulling shiny cards, full-arts, and other rare cards. Though the first booster pack doesn’t exactly reach the dizzying highs Greg had hoped for, the second booster holds a wonderful surprise - just to give you a sneak peek of what to expect.

For those that enjoy nothing more than to open up some boosters, sit back and relax as Greg takes you on the journey of opening up the entire Fusion Strike box. There’s almost an hour’s worth of unboxing to go through, with a whole lot of fantastic pulls.

If you like these sorts of Pokemon Booster Box unboxing videos, there are a few more you can check out over on the Shacknews YouTube channel. You can also stop by the GamerHubTV YouTube channel for exclusive developer interviews and insights into some of your favorite games.

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