Crytek announces Crysis 4 is in development

Currently, the next Crysis game is in early stages of development, but Crytek confirmed that it is indeed happening.


Crysis is quite the hallowed series, and we haven’t had an actual new Crysis (not counting the recent remasters) in a pretty long time. That’s going to be changing. Crytek has officially announced that a new Crysis game is in development, and the tease released for it suggests it’s going to be a new mainline entry in the franchise.

Crytek shared the tease for a possible Crysis 4 via the Crytek Twitter account on January 26, 2022. The tease doesn’t show too much. We get a look at broken city skyscrapers and rock particles that fall to the ground before reforming into the number “4.” With that in mind, it seems very much like we’re looking at a Crysis 4, though an accompanying press release from Crytek didn’t exactly confirm it will be called Crysis 4. Nonetheless, the release went on to confirm that the next Crysis game is in development. Though the game is still in its early stages of design and the team is hiring, Crytek confirmed that it will show further details on the game when it can.

The last Crysis thing that came out was the Remastered Trilogy, which aimed to enhance the original Crysis, 2, and 3 on PC, as well as bringing them over to consoles. The Crysis Remastered Trilogy played adequate and was great for getting folks into the series who might not have tried it when it first came out. Crytek has also been busy making new content and events for Hunt: Showdown. That said, the last actual new Crysis came out in 2013. It’s arguably well beyond time for a new adventure in the series.

With Crysis 4 finally confirmed, there will likely be plenty to see on the lengthy way to the game’s launch. Stay tuned for more details and updates right here at Shacknews.

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