Rainbow Six Extraction to offer all owners a Buddy Pass Thursday

The new cooperative shooter from Ubisoft is offering owners the chance to bring along a pair of friends late this week.


Last week, Ubisoft launched Rainbow Six Extraction out into the world. It marries the foundation of the ever-popular Rainbow Six Siege with intense cooperative battles against a relentless alien life form. It is designed to be played in groups of three for the best possible experience. Ubisoft wants to get the game in as many hands as possible, so they have announced that players will be receiving a pair of Buddy Passes to give out to friends. The Buddy Passes will be given out this coming Thursday, January 27, at 10:00 am ET/7:00 am PT.

Players who purchased Rainbow Six Extraction were already given a set of Buddy Passes with their game, but it appears that Ubisoft wants to get more eyes in front of screens during the early release period. The Buddy Pass offers a pair of invites that players can send to their friends. Those friends will then download the game on their platform of choice as Rainbow Six Extraction has full crossplay support. Once the invitees have the game up and running, they will be able to accept an invitation to play from the person who sent the Buddy Pass invite.

The Buddy Pass access to Rainbow Six Extraction is good for fourteen days from the time the invite is accepted. This applies to the original Buddy Pass as well as the new pass players will receive on Thursday, January 27. While the announcement from Ubisoft did not offer any specifics, we’d assume that the new Buddy Passes can be sent out at your leisure. Those who opted to use their original buddy passes at launch would still be within the initial fourteen day trial period.

We recommend that anyone playing Rainbow Six Extraction take up Ubisoft on this offer. Can you play the game solo? Technically, yes, but you’ll have much more fun with some friends. You can read more about Extraction from the review written by Senior Editor Ozzie Mejia.

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