How to complete Ratsbane: The One-Punch Monk - Nobody Saves the World

Ratsbane, the One-Punch Monk believes he can destroy any rat with a single blow. Here's how you prove him wrong in Nobody Saves the World.


As you climb the ranks of the Knights Guild in Nobody Saves the World, you'll eventually encouter a mighty knight inside their headquarters. His name is Ratsbane and he has quite the boast. He believes he's capable of destroying any rat in one blow. Naturally, having seasoned your Rat form, you'll want to test this theory out by completing the Ratsbane: The One-Punch Monk quest. Here's what you need to know before you start biting off more than you can chew.

How to complete Ratsbane: The One-Punch Monk - Nobody Saves the World

Nobody Saves the World - Ratsbane One Punch Monk

You'll find Ratsbane inside the Round Tables, the Knights Guild headquarters. You're going to naturally assume that just because you're an "A" or "B" rank Rat, you can survive a punch from Ratsbane. That is false. Even if you're an "A" rank Rat, Ratsbane will destroy you in a single blow. If that's the case, then how do you survive him?

The answer comes in your Egg form. You unlock the Egg form by ranking your Rat form up to "B." On the surface, the Egg doesn't seem to do very much. You mainly use it to search for nests scattered around the world. However, the Egg form holds the key to completing this quest.

Equip your Rat with the Hardened Shell passive ability. This means you'll never lose more than 1/3 of your Max Health from a single hit. Once this ability is equipped, return to the Round Tables. Ratsbane will not be able to destroy you in a single hit. After you survive, you'll send Ratsbane into an existential crisis and you'll complete this stumper of a quest.

Wonder no more about how to complete the Ratsbane: The One-Punch Monk quest! The Shacknews staff is currently enjoying Nobody Saves the World with the exception of Donovan, who has already posted his full review. If we find any other quests that make us think, we'll be sure to come back with guides. Keep an eye on the Nobody Saves the World topic page for the latest updates.

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