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All Grappleshot spawn locations - Halo Infinite

Learn how to find the Grappleshot on all of Halo Infinite's multiplayer maps.


The Grappleshot is one of Halo Infinite’s best additions to the franchise. This thing will let you swing around maps (and more) like some kind of armor-clad Spider-Man. For those that are playing multiplayer, knowing where the Grappleshot spawns on each map is going to be key to claiming victory. If you haven’t been able to find each of its spawn locations, fear not, for we have you covered.

How to use the Grappleshot

halo infinite grappleshot tips
If you aim away from the anchor point and then aim back in after swinging, you can swing around a corner.

Before we get into the spawn locations for the Grappleshot, it might be important to quickly cover how to use the Grappleshot in multiplayer. Firstly, you’ll know you have the Grappleshot in your inventory when its icon appear on the lower-right corner of your screen: a little arrow being fired.

Unlike in campaign, the Grappleshot can only be used a handful of times in multiplayer before it runs out. Look for the number beside the icon so you know how many charges are left.

To use the Grappleshot, aim at a surface and look for the small marker that appears in the middle of your reticle. If you don’t see the marker, you’re too far from a surface. When it appears, press the appropriate button to fire the Grappleshot (Q key on PC and RB for controller users). You will be pulled all the way to the place that you hit. You can press the activation button while you’re zipping over to disconnect before you reach the location.

halo infinite grappleshot
Use the Grappleshot to pull other equipment to you, like the Active Camo or Overshield.

You can also swing around with the Grappleshot by looking out and “away” from the Grapplepoint before turning the camera back in. This will let you swing around corners.

The Grappleshot can also be used to pull items toward you, like equipment and weapons. If you hit another player with the Grappleshot, you will be pulled towards them and you will perform an automatic melee when you reach them.

Grappleshot spawn locations – Halo Infinite multiplayer

While there are about a dozen maps in Halo Infinite, the Grappleshot can only spawn on a handful of them (under normal game settings). For those that are playing Big Team Battle or with random players, it can sometimes be tough to work out exactly where this fun and useful bit of equipment can spawn. The Grappleshot will spawn on a little UNSC plate and will have an icon floating above it that looks like an arrow.

The Grappleshot will only spawn on the following maps:

  • Bazaar
  • Behemoth
  • Deadlock
  • Fragmentation
  • Highpower
  • Launch Site
  • Recharge

Bazaar – Market

halo infinite grappleshot spawn location bazaar

The Grappleshot spawns in the central area of the Bazaar, which is known as the market. The spawning location is right below the power weapon, which can either be the Cindershot or the M41 SPNKR Rocket Launcher.

Behemoth – Bases

halo infinite grappleshot spawn location behemoth

The Grappleshot spawns at each base on Behemoth. You’ll find it below the main starting location, which is typically where the flag is housed during CTF matches. It will be on the ground, leading to the underground portion of the base which is how you can easily access the power equipment at the start of the match.

Deadlock – Cave

halo infinite grappleshot spawn location deadlock cave
halo infinite grappleshot spawn location deadlock

The Grappleshot on Deadlock can be found in the cave to the side of the map (opposite the crashed Pelican). This is where you will also find a power weapon like the M41 SPNKR Rocket Launcher.

Fragmentation – Tunnel

halo infinite grappleshot spawn location fragmentation

There are two Grappleshots on Fragmentation and they both spawn on either side of the central tunnel. This tunnel is in the middle of the map and it connects both sides of the map. The Grappleshot is on the right-hand side of the tunnel, among the trees.

Highpower – Cave

halo infinite grappleshot spawn location highpower cliff building
halo infinite grappleshot spawn location highpower

The Grappleshot on Highpower is inside the cave that runs along the wall of the map. This side of the map is opposite the cliff edge (where WASP pilots typically fly around). The cave system itself is behind the ledge where the power weapon spawns. To reach it, follow the rock wall from your spawn point into the cave and onto the catwalk. If you spawn at the blue base, you will need to jump into a man-made building to reach the Grappleshot.

Launch Site – Bridge

halo infinite grappleshot spawn location launch site

The Grappleshot is found on the bridge on Launch Site. This bridge overlooks the power equipment spawn (which can be Overshield or Active Camo). The bridge can be accessed a variety of ways: from the power weapon spawn up a gravity lift, from the aforementioned power equipment, and up the stairs from the attacker’s starting location.

Recharge – Batteries

halo infinite grappleshot spawn location recharge

The Grappleshot is found near the batteries on Recharge. Near the four batteries that go up and down, look for the little ledge – it’s here you’ll find the Grappleshot. You can either mantle up or use a battery to jump to it.

Finding the Grappleshot spawn locations on each multiplayer map in Halo Infinite is an important bit of map knowledge. By controlling the Grappleshot, you’ll be able to have better map presence. Be sure to stop by our Halo Infinite page for even more guides to help you become the best Spartan.

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