Razer reveals customizable Project Sophia gaming desk at CES 2022

Razer's entry into the gaming desk realm will prioritize space and customization.


Razer has spent years diving into peripheral products, expanding beyond its signature gaming laptops. A gaming desk was a logical next step, but it looks to be more than a standard desk. It looks like it will also double as a house for almost every Razer product imaginable. The company unveiled its desk prototype during this year's CES, dubbing it Project Sophia.

The average user's eye will likely gravitate towards the giant OLED display at the back of the Project Sophia desk. Razer plans to release two different models, one with a 65" display and another with a 77" screen. This alone would be enough to make this product a standout, but Project Sophia's true signature feature is its customization potential and compatibility with Razer's line of peripheral products.

Project Sophia features a slim chassis and a glass tabletop with Razer prioritizing space. The desk can house an Intel processor and an NVIDIA GPU, but also features slots for additional components. These components can be for monitoring a user's system, adding hotkey panels, audio mixers, or tacking on other helpful features, many of which can be snapped onto the desk. There's also space for other Razer products, like the Kiyo webcam, the Chroma Light Strip Set, or the Razer Seiren microphone. Plus, the desk is lined with various LEDs that can be synced with the Razer Chroma RGB ecosystem.

Project Sophia is very early in development, but is something that streamers will likely have their eye on in the months ahead. There's no estimated release date or price point, but we'll report back with the latest details. Keep it here on Shacknews for any fresh news and updates from CES 2022.

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