Max Ketchum talks Let's Make Big Moves and getting into Smash casting

Rodney Conyers Jr., one of our hosts of WWES, caught up with the legendary Smash caster and event organizer Max Ketchum for an extra long discussion about getting into esports and putting together Let's Make Big Moves. Please take a look.


With a multifaceted resume that trails back over a decade, “Rapper, Caster, Pokémon Master” Max Ketchum is without a doubt one of the most recognizable figures in the competitive Super Smash Bros. community. Being one of the last few representatives from the early Melee/Brawl era, Max continues to prove his staying power by creatively transcending history on and off the mic. Check out this extended interview with the Smash caster extraordinaire.

Anyone who knows the Super Smash Bros. competitive esports scene knows that the tristate region (NY/NJ/CT) hasn't had a Super Major event in a little over ten years. Max Kethcum’s "for the people, by the people" approach towards his work is akey element that helps the Let's Make Big Moves event series exist at a major level in the heart of New York. It's safe to say that the hip-hop infused event is not only the fastest-selling Smash major event ticket in tristate history. The tristate slogan post the pandemic is “New York is back” and with tickets to simply spectate Let’s Make Big Moves selling out in an hour and half this certainly proves the statement true from an esport standpoint.

The prominence his voice carries isn’t only limited to just Smash Ultimate Commentary and helping people sign up for Let’s Make Big Moves. He’s also built quite the army of online "GAMERS" that blindly believe a billion Lions could defeat a legendary Pokémon of any sort. This online debate has gathered so much attention that even the official Twitter Gaming account had to weigh in on the discussion.

If there was ever any question on whether or not Smash can still exist at a major level creatively, Let's Make Big Moves will quickly reassure you. With Max Ketchum and Even Matchup Gaming leading the charge on creating a safe competitive environment the sky is truly the limit.

If you'd like to learn more about Let’s Make Big Moves, Max Ketchum, and why it's okay to think a billion lions can defeat Mewtwo then head on over to the official Even Matchup Gaming website.

Thanks to Max for spending time with us in this fantastic video interview. Check out our Scott Robertson II (Tantalus) interview if you would like to hear even more about working in the Smash esports scene with SWT and VGBootcamp.

Rodney is the current co-host of Wide World of Electronic Sports as well as an interviewer and journalist.

His fiery passion for all things gaming was initially sparked by his father –who at the time worked the electronics section at Walmart– purchased him and his younger siblings Pokémon Gold and Silver for the Gameboy Color.

As a natural performer you can find the majority of Rodney's work in gaming in front of the camera in esports. He's worked in commentary, interviewing, and hosting positions for various companies such as AT&T, Red Bull, Amazon Prime Video, CEO Gaming, and NXNE! When Rodney isn't doing something gaming related you can find him writing theatre music, hosting sneaker conventions, and much more!

Rodney can be reached at and on Twitter @rodneyconyersjr.

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