Fractured Online gets new publisher and prepares for 2022

Gamigo will take on publishing duties for upcoming sandbox MMORPG Fractured Online, giving developer Dynamight some much-needed new resources.


The MMORPG market is an increasingly risky one to enter, but publisher Gamigo appears to have found a game in the genre that sets it apart from its contemporaries. Earlier this week, Gamigo announced that it would take on Dynamight Studios' open-world sandbox known as Fractured. Now redubbing it Fractured Online, the outlook for 2022 looks bright, especially as the game looks to introduce some intriguing concepts to the MMO space.

The Fractured website posted the news of the Gamigo acquisition on Wednesday, noting that the publisher will give the developers some much-needed extra resources.

In a nutshell, the faces you came to know and love at Dynamight Studios will be around with more resources to support our vision and ensure that more people will play and enjoy Fractured Online, giving it the audience and player numbers it needs to be a success! In fact, the team is as busy as ever developing Fractured Online.

We acknowledge some of you might feel uneasy about this announcement, but we can assure you that all the new faces you will come across absolutely share our vision and are just as excited as you are to see our game flourish and grow into something truly special.

The game’s development and its core design will not change. Dynamight retains ownership of the IP and creative control over Fractured Online, while gamigo fully supports us and is excited to offer resources to ensure plenty of future developments – to full release and long after!

Shacknews was recently briefed by Dynamight CEO Jacopo Pietro Gallelli on Fractured Online and all that it entails. For the uninitiated, this is an isometric sandbox MMORPG with click-to-move combat in the vein of Diablo or Path of Exile. One of the game's most attractive elements is that Dynamight recognizes how offputting the idea of grinding can be, which is why the team came up with the "Knowledge system" of progression. For this progression system, characters mainly grow by defeating monsters and picking up their abilities. That main mechanic means that defeating the same monster twice won't do much good, which reduces the overall need for grind. Instead, the goal becomes to search for different enemy types and add their power to your own, which will aid you against more powerful foes. That also gives players reasons to explore the world and take in new sights.

The other intriguing element of Fractured Online is that the game features three races and the game is a very different experience for all of them. Players can opt to be a Beastman, which offers a pure PvE experience; a Demon, which offers open PvP and allows players to duel each other at any time; and a Human, which mixes the two worlds by binding them to laws and virtues, delivering karmic consequences for criminal actions.

The Fractured Online sandbox is one that will grow along with the players, especially as all gear is crafted by the player community. The players will likewise be the ones establishing cities and giving individuals various roles to fill in those new areas.

Fractured Online has held various alphas and betas over the past three years, but 2022 looks to be its most productive year yet. Signups for future betas are available on the Fractured Online website. Fractured Online is coming soon to PC.

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