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Slitterhead threatens to eat your face in its new trailer

This unique trailer shows off creepy body horror monsters. Check it out!


The Game Awards is an opportunity to celebrate games released this year, but also check out games coming soon. One that took viewers by surprise is Slitterhead. This horrific and terrifying looking game offers a delightful serving of body horror. Take a look at the trailer below, which features a woman attempting to seduce a man before turning into an eldritch monster.

The trailer begins with a major red herring by introducing Keiichiro Toyama and mentioning Silent Hill. However, the story continues as it paints a picture of him founding Bokeh Game Studio and rising to the challenge of a new horror. What proceeds is a creepy look at a form of body horror, where people’s faces split and they turn into monsters that walk on all fours.

Combat looks to be focused on melee fighting, with one character seemingly transforming blood into a weapon. Whether the monsters are always obvious remains to be seen; the trailer ends with one of the beasts transforming back into a mild-mannered woman standing on her balcony in a densely packed apartment block.

Head over to the Bokeh Game Studio site for more information on Slitterhead. You can also stop by our Game Awards 2021 page for all the announcements and awards from today.

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