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Battlefield 2042 Update 3 patch notes offer UI improvements, bug fixes, and more

The third update for Battlefield 2042 brings more than 150 new fixes and improvements to DICE's new shooter.


While it may have gotten off to a rather rocky start, the future of Battlefield 2042 appears to be getting brighter thanks to continued support from developer DICE. This week, the studio is preparing to release the third title update for the new shooter. The 0.3.0 update is scheduled to arrive on December 2 and will usher in a wide range of bug fixes, changes, and improvements.

In a new blog post on the game’s official website, DICE explains the changes and alterations coming in Update 0.3.0. Headlining the patch notes are the introduction of Weekly Mission events that players can complete for bonus XP as well as new playlists that introduce the Rush game mode into All-Out Warfare maps.

DICE has also taken some time to make improvements to the game’s weapons loadout systems so that UI elements are less obtuse and getting into battle without your desired equipment should be much more straightforward. They also claim to have addressed many visual glitches, collision detection problems, and spawn location problems.

A truncated list of changes are as follows:


  • The Recent Players screen now include everyone from previous matches to allow for easier user reporting
  • Made improvements to the “Interaction” system by switching the default "INTERACT" text on multiple interactions to reflect the action you are about to do, i.e. "OPEN CONTAINER", "CALL ELEVATOR"
  • Resolved Kaleidoscope server room lighting issue
  • Resolved an issue related to the velocity / trajectory while spawning in jets
  • Improved helicopter animation in level fly-bys during insertion
  • Improvements to address an issue where players killed in vehicles would fall beneath level geometry
  • Improvements to streaming assets in deploy screen presentation
  • Player no longer gets stuck in a zipline/rope after exiting a vehicle after entering it too close to a zipline or rope
  • Exiting an open seat early in the enter animation no longer causes your aim pitch to lock up
  • Correct field of view is applied immediately following insertion sequences 

Players interested in the full list of changes coming in the 0.3.0 Update can refer to the full patch notes. You can also check out our review of the game if you are still on the fence about a purchase.

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