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Here is everything that you can unlock by designing vacation homes in Happy Home Paradise.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise expansion came with a boatload of new items and content for players to dig into. This includes new options for designing vacation homes, as well as the homes of your villagers. It’s a lot of work, though, and keeping track of what you unlock and when you can access it is no small task. Today, I’m going to give you a complete list of all the unlocks available in the Happy Home Paradise DLC.

Happy Home Paradise unlocks

Unlocks Happy Home Paradise

Below are all the unlocks, levels, and rewards from designing vacation homes in Happy Home Paradise:

Happy Home Paradise unlocks
Unlock Required Clients Requirements
Polish furniture 4 Niko will introduce you to polishing furniture on your fourth client.
Office workbench and island DIYs 5 You will be able to use a work bench on the second floor of the Happy Home Paradise office, and you can find DIYs on the beach of the Happy Home Paradise office.
Facility: School 6 Once you finish work for your sixth client, Lottie will allow you to build the School facility.
Room sizes 6 You'll be shown how to change the size of rooms you're building when you begin work on the School facility.
Amiibos 7 You can find an Amiibo scanner on Lottie's desk, allowing you to invite specific villagers to Happy Home Paradise to build vacation homes for them.
Partition walls 8 You will be taught how to make and use partition walls once you finish work for your eighth client.
Advanced polishing 12 You will learn how to add unique effects when you polish items.
Lighting 12 You will unlock the ability to change the lighting in the vacation homes that you build.
Facility: Cafe 12 After 12 clients, you can build the Cafe facility on the Happy Home Paradise island.
Facility: Restaurant 12 The Restaurant facility will unlock at the same time as the Cafe, and you can choose which to build first.
Happy Home Network app 13 You'll gain access to the Happy Home Network, allowing you to view other player's designs if you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.
DIY furniture 15 You can use DIY furniture in designs for vacation homes, but you must have crafted the DIY at least once previously.
Pillars & counters 15 You'll be taught how to use pillars and counter tops in your vacation home designs.
Roommates 16 You can now create vacation homes for roommates or, instead of building a villager their own vacation home, shack them up with someone else.
Soundscapes 17 You can now add unique sounds to rooms, giving them a bit more atmosphere.
Second floors 18 You can now choose whether to create a one or two-story vacation home for each client.
Facility: Hospital 22 You'll be given the opportunity to design a Hospital facility for the Happy Home Paradise island.
Access your catalog 25 You now have access to your entire Nook Shopping app while creating your vacation homes.
Facility: Apparel Shop  30 You can now design a clothing store for the Happy Home Paradise island.
Decorate homes on your island 30 You can now decorate the homes of the villagers on your island, giving you an additional way to customize the look of your Animal Crossing world.

Now that you know everything you can unlock, and how many clients you need for each, it’s worth noting that facilities appear to count. I’m getting credit for facilities and clients. For example, I unlocked second floors by having 15 clients and three facilities built. Facilities also pay out more Poki, so don’t skip out on those.

Keep in mind that spending Poki and buying items in the Paradise Planning office will also unlock Wardell’s catalog, which is a big win for those of us that want to collect all the new furniture. I’m eyeing the Gaming Desk myself, and that seems to be one of the hottest items from the 2.0 update.

Be sure to visit our Animal Crossing: New Horizons topic page for more help with Happy Home Paradise and the 2.0 update. We’re playing every day and bringing you guides to make the most of your time in Tom Nook’s world.

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