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How to unlock Yoroi armor - Halo Infinite

Become the ultimate Samurai Spartan by unlocking the Yoroi armor in the Fracture: Tenrai event in Halo Infinite.


The Fracture: Tenrai event is now live in Halo Infinite which means players can start earning the Yoroi armor, as well as some other neat cosmetic goodies. Unlocking the Yoroi armor is going to take a bit of work, so buckle up and prepare to grind out some Challenges.

How to unlock Yoroi armor

In order to unlock the Yoroi armor in Halo Infinite, you must reach Rank 5 of the Event Pass. This pass is a different pass to the Battle Pass, but it operates using the same principles: complete Challenges to earn XP which levels up your rank.

halo infinite yoroi armor unlock rank 5
The Yoroi Armor Core is unlocked at Rank 5 of the Fracture: Tenrai Event Pass.

The Challenges you must complete are listed right alongside the normal Challenges. The event-specific Challenges will have a different color as well as a unique symbol. Focus on completing these and you’ll move through the ranks with relative ease.

If you don’t have any Event Challenges in your active list, you can use a Challenge Swap to swap out one of the basic Challenges. You can also use the “View Upcoming Challenges” button to see what ones are up next. This will help you decide whether you want to swap one out or hunker down and get it done.

halo infinite yoroi armor event challenges
Complete the Challenges marked with the orange label to advance through the Event Pass to unlock the Yoroi armor.

Here are the armor pieces you can earn at each rank of the Event Pass:

  • Rank 5: Yoroi armor
  • Rank 10: Gatekeeper (left shoulder)
  • Rank 15: Gatekeeper (right shoulder)
  • Rank 25: Yokai helmet
  • Rank 29: Spring Blossom Filter (Yokai attachment)
  • Rank 30: Swordsman’s Belt (Yoroi attachment)
halo infinite yokai helmet
The Event Pass also has other armor attachments, like the Spring Blossom Filter for the Yokai helmet.

Beyond these armor pieces, there are also other cosmetic items. There are emblems and shaders as well as XP Boosts and Challenge Swaps. The Shop also has a variety of themed items like weapon trinkets and even another skin that has a katana on it, though you will need to buy these with real-world money. You can learn more about the event over at Halo Waypoint.

Unlocking the Yoroi armor in Halo Infinite is going to require you to complete a lot of Challenges. If you don’t unlock it the first time the event is active, fear not, because the Fracture: Tenrai event will come back around later on in the season. Stop by the Shacknews Halo Infinite page for more guides and the latest news on this smash-hit entry in the series.

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