Disable crossplay - Battlefield 2042

Here's how you can disable crossplay in Battlefield 2042, even if the option is greyed out.


In the early days of Battlefield 2042, it’s becoming quite clear that crossplay is causing some players problems. To temporarily fix those problems, disabling crossplay might be the key. In this guide, I’ll show you how to disable crossplay, even if the option is greyed out in your settings.

How to disable crossplay

Disable Crossplay Battlefield 2042

To disable crossplay in Battlefield 2042:

  • Select Options
  • Select General
  • Set Cross-Play to Off

Now, if you don’t have the option to set crossplay to off, read the blurb on the right side of your screen carefully. It’s there that you will see that crossplay cannot be disabled while you are in a party, during matchmaking, or after joining a server. You’ll need to be in the main menu, and ensure that you’re not in a party, even by yourself. Once these three criteria have been met, you will see the option to toggle crossplay on and off. This method was tested and worked for me on PC, but there could be a different process for consoles. Toggling it off is a potential fix for Error Code: 2002G.

Keep in mind that if you’re not experiencing any problems, keeping crossplay enabled has many benefits. It gives you a larger pool of players to match against, and it allows you to play with friends that are on different platforms. Crossplay is an essential part of bringing gamers together, and in my opinion should be left on if there isn’t a technical reason why you need to turn it off. That’s just me, though.

Now that you know how to disable crossplay, be sure to stop by our Battlefield 2042 topic page. We’re busy building out a big collection of guides to help you with everything from settings and error codes to in-depth content on how to effectively play each game mode.

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