Unboxing & Review: X-Men Legends Haslab Sentinel

The X-Men Legends Marvel's Sentinel is here to fulfill its prime directive: the elimination of all mutants. Shacknews unboxes this massive undertaking from Haslab.


Whenever there's a mutant sighting in the Marvel Universe, chances are that they're going to be met by a Sentinel robot, humanity's hulking machines designed to obliterate them on sight. The Sentinels often tower over their mutant targets, whether they be the X-Men or just the run-of-the-mill mutant walking down the sidewalk. To get an idea of how big these things are, let's unbox the X-Men Legends Marvel's Sentinel, designed by Haslab.

Watch Video Editor Greg Burke unbox this gargantuan robot. Its design inspired by the pages of Marvel Comics, the X-Men Legends Marvel's Sentinel stands at a massive 26.3 inches and features 72 points of articulation. It also comes with two 18-inch "tentacle" accessories and LEDs placed on the head and chest to add a sense of realism to the Sentinel. If you want more than the average Sentinel, you can use some alternate heads, including ones for Sentinel Prime and Master Mold. There are also battle damage parts, so you can display a Sentinel that's clearly been in battle with Wolverine, Cyclops, and the rest of Xavier's X-Men.

The Hasbro X-Men Legends Marvel's Sentinel recently completed its crowdfunding efforts, so it will ship with a series of extras. This includes 6-inch figures for Bastion and the female Prime Sentinel. A total of 21,885 fans backed the creation of the X-Men Legends Marvel's Sentinel and can expect to receive it later this fall. You can learn more about it and see some more images over on the Hasbro Pulse website. For more videos like this, be sure to hit the Like and Subscribe buttons when you check out all of videos on GamerHubTV and Shacknews on YouTube.

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