Discord CEO teases cryptocurrency integration, users threaten boycott

Discord's users are not thrilled about the possibility of the cryptocurrency craze coming to the app.


When it comes to online communication inside and outside of gaming, there are few apps more versatile and easy to use to Discord. It looks like the app could be extending arms to welcome the world of NFTs and cryptocurrency, though. Recent conversation involving CEO Jason Citron has suggested that options to link to various crypto platforms are in the works. Many users were not thrilled to find out about the possibility and have threatened to cancel their Discord Nitro service in response.

It all began on November 8, 2021, when Jason Citron responded to Not Boring Capital writer Packy McCormick in a tweet about Discord having potential as a Web 3 network (which works through decentralized protocols – a major foundation of blockchain and cryptocurrency tech). Citron posted a screenshot that suggested Discord was developing options in the Connections menu to link your Discord account to Ethereum and cryptocurrency wallets MetaMask and WalletConnect. These latter services also relate to use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which are hosted on Ethereum’s blockchain.

Response to Citron’s tease has been largely critical or outright angry. The tease in question brought on a wealth of replies concerned about subjects such as the environmental effects of NFTs and cryptocurrency, scams in the NFT/crypto world coming over to Discord, and Discord’s own security measures against the various issues this integration might incur. To that last point, Citron shared that Discord a new team in place investigating increased measures of security and fighting spam, as well as strengthening the application’s two-factor authentication (likely a must ahead of crypto and NFT integration).

Even so, the backlash to Citron’s crypto/NFT-linking tease spilled over into the Discord Nitro forums where the page was flooded with subject lines that demanded Discord not allow cryptocurrency or NFTs and threatened to cancel Nitro subscriptions over the matter. Discord Nitro is Discord’s premium paid service, which allows users to access exclusive features on the platform. It would seem many are hoping to dissuade Citron from going forward with NFT/crypto integration by threatening to hit the company in its own wallet.

Nonetheless, it will remain to be seen if Citron and his company buckle to pressure or push ahead with cryptocurrency and NFT integration into Discord. Stay tuned as we continue to follow this story for further updates and details.

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