Bossa Studios dev talks evolving from Facebook games to Surgeon Simulator

The studio is preparing for its next game jam, which is an opportunity to discover an idea that will germinate into its next game.


Ten years ago, Bossa Studios started out making video games for Facebook. Shortly thereafter, the team created Surgeon Simulator, which became gamers’ go-to title for hilarious antics, especially when playing with a friend. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Lead Designer Luke Williams to talk about the studio’s history and what lies ahead. Please, get your eyeballs trained on the video below!

After shifting to developing premium games, the team really found their calling with the quirky and funny titles like Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread. On the topic of its games, Williams revealed how Bossa Studios’ games are connected, “We have I Am Fish coming out, which is a sequel to I Am Bread, which is a prequel to Surgeon Simulator. They’re all in the same universe.” According to Williams, there’s an interconnected story between each title, which keen-eyed players may have picked up on. The series of games is part of what the team calls the BCU, or Barnardshire Cinematic Universe.  

While Bossa Studios’ games are what the developers are known for by gamers, the company is also known for its in-house employee game jams. These game jams are an opportunity for the developers to create something new and flex their creative muscles. These game jams used to be once a month, but with Bossa Studios releasing two games in close succession, the frequency has dropped. “We’ve got the next [game jam] at the start of next month,” said Williams. “We need to [get back into game jams] because we’ve got to decide what we’re making next!”

Take a moment to check out Bossa Studios’ most recent game, I Am Fish, over on Steam. You can also read our review of I Am Fish, which Ozzie Mejia describes as a, “delightful and imaginative romp, especially when Bossa Studios gets creative with its level design and world building.”

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