The ultimate Destiny 2 fan gift guide

So, there's a Destiny 2 fan in your life and you want to get them a gift? Here are some presents and ideas to make your Guardian smile.


Buying gifts can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what someone is into. However, if you’re dealing with a Destiny 2 fan, then your job is easy because we’ve got a whole lot of gift ideas for that special Destiny player in your life.

Gjallardays sale

If you're looking to get something for the Destiny 2 player in your life, look no further than the Gjallardays sale that's happening from November 23 until December 7. There will even be a storewide discount on November 26, giving you the perfect opportunity to pick something up. In the event you find something you like during this time, you will receive the Swift Fortuna emblem, so make sure you pass that along to your special Guardian.

The latest expansion or DLC

destiny 2 gift guide

If there’s one thing a Destiny 2 player loves more than anything, it’s new content to sink their teeth into. Bungie is pretty good when it comes to releasing new content, with a massive expansion being sold once a year (on average). There are also smaller seasons between major content drops which players will need to purchase individually if they haven’t opted for the season pass. Even if you can’t purchase it as surprise, letting a Destiny 2 player know you’ll get the next season, season pass, or even major expansion is sure to be received extremely well. It's best to ask them first, though, as many Destiny 2 players pre-order content long before it releases.


Silver is the currency used in Destiny 2 to purchase cosmetic items from the in-game shop. This is a currency that requires real-world money to earn and, as such, some Destiny 2 players are hesitant to dip into their wallets to get it for themselves. With new emotes, skins, and other items added every season that cost Silver, your special Destiny 2 player would be thrilled to get a handful of coins to purchase something nice. They may need to buy it themselves to connect it to their account, so a gift card for their platform's store could be the ticket.

New controller or mouse

Play video games for long enough and eventually your hardware is going to start deteriorating. Whether they’re using a controller or keyboard and mouse, it might be time to get your Destiny 2 fan a new tool to better slay Hive gods and Vex minds.

Xbox players (or even PC players), may enjoy a new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. This is a high-end controller that features programmable buttons, extra paddles on the back for easier inputs, as well as adjustable tension thumb sticks, hair trigger locks, and a fancy carrying case. For the PlayStation players out there, a new DaulSense wireless controller for the PS5 would go over quite well. For the keyboard-using Guardian, something like the Razer Tartarus is a unique, if useful alternative to a keyboard.

Lord Shaxx’s helmet

If the Destiny 2 player’s work station is looking a bit bland or the collectible shelf could use with a new addition, then the Lord Shaxx helmet is an obvious choice. This is a seven-inch replica of Lord Shaxx’s helmet, a bombastic and gregarious character in the Destiny franchise that loves to encourage every player out there.

Destiny: The Official Cookbook

Sometimes it’s nice to do something away from the console or computer, and when that time comes, why not see if you can cultivate a fine-dining experience? Destiny: The Official Cookbook is full of recipes based on Destiny lore that even novice cooks will be able to tackle. If the Destiny player chooses to cook spicy ramen and starts crying, give them a hug and let them know Cayde-6 would be proud of them.

Destiny Grimoire Anthologies

Now, the Destiny Grimoire Anthologies is a serious purchase for serious lore buffs. This collection of stories dives deep into the background of Destiny, explores every nook and cranny, and looks to give greater insight into the heroes and villains of the universe. Start with the first volume, and if it’s a hit, there are a few more you can get for other special occasions.

Destiny Mega Construx

Mega Construx is a brick-building toy company that specializes in creating sets based on video games. As luck would have it, Mega Construx has a host of Destiny-themed sets that would make for the perfect gift. One such example would be the Arcadia-class Jump ship, which will make any veteran Guardian giddy with nostalgia.

The Bungie Store

No, don’t buy the entire Bungie Store. What we’re really saying is that the Bungie Store contains all manner of excellent Destiny gifts for your favorite Guardian. All of this is official merchandise that ranges from apparel and office supplies to art books, collectibles, and other bits and pieces. Sometimes, an item from the Bungie Store also comes with a digital, in-game reward (like an emblem), so make sure you give them that too.

Destiny-themed tattoo

This gift idea is obviously only good for those Destiny players that are of-age and who want to get some ink done. Tattoos are expensive, and if this Destiny fan has a piece in mind that they want to get done, it’s always appreciated when someone chips in towards a tattoo fund.

Whether you’re shopping for a special occasion like a birthday or a seasonal holiday, or just out of the goodness of your heart, you can bet your bottom dollar that these Destiny gifts will put a smile on a Guardian’s face. The Destiny franchise is so large and ever-evolving that there are bound to be more gift ideas cropping up from time to time. Check back here frequently as we add more goodies to the list. And if you’re a Destiny 2 player, let us know in the Chatty thread below what Destiny-inspired gifts you have received or hope to get!

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