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How to add friends - Pikmin Bloom

Add your friends in Pikmin Bloom to see their stats, send them postcards, and help each other out!


Adding friends in Pikmin Bloom is a great way to keep in contact with people you meet or compare your progress. The process of adding friends is super straightforward, with a couple of different options if one doesn’t work for you. Note that if you want to scan a QR code to add your friend, you must give Pikmin Bloom permission to use your camera (this is also important if you want to use the AR feature).

How to add friends

pikmin bloom add friends
On the main screen, scroll down to your profile picture and tap it. Next, tap the Friends button and select Add Friend or the plus (+) symbol.

To add friends in Pikmin Bloom, you will first need to have fully completed setting up the game. This process takes you through some of the basics of playing and teaches you a handful of skills. After you’ve got your first set of seedlings planted, you and your friend must follow these steps in order to add each other:

  1. Go to the main screen
  2. Scroll down and tap on your profile
  3. Tap Friends up the top-left
  4. Select Add a friend or tap the plus (+) sign  in the top-right
  5. Have your friend scan your QR code or use the Friend Code
  6. Accept the friend request via the Friends screen

If you want to use the QR code, you or your friend will need to tap “Scan QR code” down the bottom right and then use the camera to scan the other phone. Pikmin Bloom will need to have access to your camera to do this. If it does not have permission it will ask you to grant access – do so.

Now, whoever sent the friend request must wait for the recipient to accept it. If someone sent you a friend request, you can find a notification on the Friends screen. Up the top it will say “Incoming friend requests”. Tap this notification and accept or delete the invites from people who have added you. Whoever sent the friend request may need to wait a bit longer for the friend to appear on their friends list. Try restarting the game if they don't appear after a few minutes.

With that all sorted, you should now have your friend added in Pikmin Bloom. You can see each other’s stats, including steps, their Mii, and you can even send each other postcards. Adding friends in Pikmin Bloom is simple and an important way to grow your community. Check out our Pikmin Bloom page as we continue to walk the path and uncover more secrets.

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