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Difficulty customization options - Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Play Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy your way by checking out the custom difficulty options, while also looking out for one that may not be listed.


Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy has brought the team together to help save the cosmos from a new threat, while maybe potentially making a few bucks along the way. The adversaries that await are fierce, but they're certainly not impossible to overcome. Well, not unless you want them to be. One of the more intriguing ideas at work in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is that while there are standard difficulty levels, there are also custom ones. Let's see what those entail.

Difficulty customization options - Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Upon starting up a new Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy save file, you'll be greeted with the following difficulty options:

  • We Got This (Easy)
  • We Got This... Probably (Normal)
  • We Don't Got This! (Hard)
  • We Do It Our Way (Custom)

After selecting any of these options, players will be taken to the Difficulty Settings mode. Here, they'll find values for Guardians Mode Slowdown, Damage Dealt, Guardians Cooldown Duration, Huddle Auto-Win, Cost of Elemental Shots, Damage Received, Shield Regeneration, Death Event Timer, Vulnerability Timer, Death Gate, Objects Outline, Compass System, and Hints System. Let's explain what each of those means:

  • Guardians Mode Slowdown: When you hit the left trigger to select a teammate to attack, time will briefly slow down. This option affects how much. (Easy = 0.9, Normal = 0.7, Hard = 0.5)
  • Damage Dealt: How much damage does Star-Lord deal out. (Easy = High, Normal = Medium, Hard = Low)
  • Guardians Cooldown Duration: After using a Guardians ability, this option affects how long players must wait before they can access that teammate again. (Easy = 1.0, Normal = 1.1, Hard = 1.3)
  • Huddle Auto-Win: Do players have to make the right dialogue choice when using the Huddle mechanic? (On or Off)
  • Cost of Elemental Shots: A multiplier that affects how much Elemental Ammo one of Star-Lord's Elemental Shots cost. (Easy = 0.8, Normal = 1.0, Hard = 1.2)
  • Damage Received: How much damage do enemies inflict. (Easy = Low, Normal = Medium, Hard = High)
  • Shield Regeneration: Star-Lord has shields that must be reduced to zero before his health is affected. This option affects how long it takes those shields to regenerate. (Easy = High, Normal = Medium, Hard = Low)
  • Death Event Timer: How much time can a teammate be in trouble before they're knocked out. (Easy = Low, Normal = Medium, Hard = High)
  • Vulnerability Timer: If an enemy is hit with a vulnerability, how long will they be affected? (5.0, unless otherwise adjusted, across all difficulties)
  • Death Gate: This affects how many times Star-Lord can be hit after reaching 0 HP before he's knocked out.
  • Objects Outline: If enabled, interactive objects will have a white outline.
  • Compass System: If enabled, a compass will be displayed whenever Star-Lord uses his Visor, allowing him to more easily find his next destination.
  • Hints System: If Star-Lord is stuck, the hint system will offer an idea of what to do. The frequency can be adjusted, but it can also be turned off entirely. (Easy = Instant, Normal = Medium, Hard = Slow)

How do I turn off Quick Time Events?

Oh, this might be an important one for anybody who particularly hates Quick Time Events. Beyond the Difficulty Settings, there's also an Accessibility menu that's hidden in the main Settings. Accessibility will include a handful of options, such as auto locks, target switching, and others. However, the one you'll be interested in is "Auto-Win Quick Time Events."

Quick Time Events can be aggravating in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. However, if you toggle this option off, you won't have to worry about them at all! Just enjoy the cutscenes without any pressure.

Those are the main difficulty options for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. Now you're ready to do it your way. We'll have more to say about this game in the days ahead, so be sure to keep it here on Shacknews and follow our Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy topic for the latest.

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