PUBG: New State is releasing on iOS and Android in November

Before its release, there will be a final technical test for PUBG: New State.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, now known as PUBG: Battlegrounds, continues to be an incredibly popular title on both PC and mobile. As players look for more ways to enjoy their favorite franchise, Krafton has revealed that the next entry in will be released next month. Titled, PUBG: New State, this iOS and Android mobile game looks to take players to a futuristic version of the iconic battle royale experience.

Today marked a special occasion for Krafton, the company behind PUBG: Battlegrounds, as it announced the release date of PUBG: New State during an hour-long showcase. This new, futuristic battle royale will be hitting mobile devices on November 11, 2021, but before then it will have a Technical Test from October 29 until October 30.

PUBG: New State is set in 2051, making it a more modern interpretation of the iconic PUBG experience players have come to love. The press release sheds some light on the visual fidelity players can expect from this mobile game, “The game uses state-of-the-art rendering technology and a gunplay system on par with what’s found in the PC version of PUBG: Battlegrounds. Additionally, the graphical quality of PUBG: New State pushes the boundaries of what was previously possible on mobile platforms.”

The PUBG: New State showcase also revealed how PUBG: New State looks to iterate on the battle royale experience. The game will have weapon customization, a drone store, and a player recruitment system, among other new features. Players won’t be left waiting for extra maps either as four will be available at launch, including a futuristic version of Erangel.

With the final technical test happening soon, those that want to get in on some more PUBG action can sign up over on the official site. PUBG: New State is scheduled to release on November 11 on iOS and Android devices. 

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