Stadia might be powering Batman: Arkham Knight on AT&T's streaming platform

Batman: Arkham Knight is the first game AT&T customers can play online via the company's streaming portal.


Streaming platforms are becoming all the rage these days as companies look to give consumers more ways to play games. And now, it sems AT&T and Warner Bros are joining forces to bring AT&T customers a new way to play Batman: Arkham Knight. The 2015 title can now be played online, via an AT&T streaming platform that appears to utilize Google Stadia’s technology.

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Reported on by Kyle Bradshaw and Abner Li of 9to5Google, AT&T and Warner Bros are offering a streaming service where users can play Batman: Arkham Knight. What’s interesting about this is that the service appears to utilize Google Stadia’s technology, despite there being no overt mention of streaming platform.

The piece does note that, upon connecting to the streaming service, the web requests “connect to Google’s servers and make mention of ‘cloudcast’,” as Bradshaw puts it. Despite being an AT&T service, the game is only available to play on PC and can only be streamed at 1080p.

This shift to supporting third-party companies is a logical move. At the beginning of 2021, Google shuttered its internal studios, a little over a year since the platform first released. Now, it seems as if Google is pivoting as it looks to provide the likes of AT&T with the technology necessary to stream games.

Though Google may not have any in-house studios developing games, it’s good that the technology can still be utilized by other companies and that the actual Stadia product continues to exist for other developers to release on. Whether developers still take the effort to develop for the platform remains to be seen.

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