Half-Life 2 gets beta update ahead of Steam Deck launch

Though still in testing, this update looks to fix bugs, add various resolution supports, and more for Half-Life 2.


It’s almost been 20 years since Half-Life 2 released and now Valve is working on a new update. This update, which is currently in beta, looks to crush bugs, offer more resolution options, adds support for Vulkan, and more. This update is presumably in preparation for the release of the Steam Deck.

Reported by Natalie Clayton of PC Gamer, Half-Life 2 has received an update to address a few bugs, add in some supports, and presumably improve the experience for the Steam Deck. The update was noted by YouTuber, Tyler McVicker who offers some insight into the update in the video embedded above.

According to McVicker, the beta branch version of Half-Life 2 (available to anyone who wants to download and test it out via the Beta option on Steam) includes a host of bug fixes that have been around for a long time.

Other than fixes, there are also new features coming to the game. Most notable is the HUD scaling option that changes the HUD to fit whatever resolution the game is being played at. This is no doubt to ensure the game looks and plays well on the Steam Deck’s resolution. It’s also worth noting that the beta branch also includes ultra-widescreen support, so those with larger monitors can enjoy fewer black bars on their screen. McVickers notes a field-of-view option that goes up to 110 and support of Vulkan.

Valve is currently going through the process of verifying which games in its vast library of titles work best on the Steam Deck. The forthcoming update to Half-Life 2 is likely in response to this, as the team works to ensure it runs well on the company’s new device.

With Half-Life 2 getting a sneaky update, and the phenomenal experience that is Half-Life: Alyx, hopefully Valve can get it into gear and work on another entry in this critically-acclaimed series.

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