How to unlock outfits - Back 4 Blood

Change your Cleaner's appearance by unlocking outfits and skins in Back 4 Blood, like the awesome ZWAT set.


The Cleaners in Back 4 Blood come with outfits and skins that players can unlock. While some outfits are rewarded for different versions of the game, there are a few that can be earned. However, if you want to unlock something like the ZWAT outfit, you better come prepared.

How to unlock outfits

The outfits in Back 4 Blood can be unlocked a number of ways. For the most part, players will need to complete specific in-game tasks in order to get their hands on them. However, there are a couple of outfits that can only be unlocked by spending real-world money.

back 4 blood unlock outfits
Outfits are unlocked by completing in-game tasks, like playing 250 missions as your favorite Cleaner or completing the entire game on Nightmare difficulty.

Firstly, players will be able to unlock the Battle Hardened skin by purchasing the Ultimate Edition of the game. This version comes with the game, the annual pass, some in-game cosmetic items, and of course the aforementioned skin.

Then there are outfits like the ZWAT skin for each character. Unlocking the ZWAT skin requires you to complete all campaign maps on Nightmare difficulty. Keep in mind, this only unlocks the ZWAT skin for the character that completed the Nightmare campaigns. So if you use Jim, you will get Jim’s version. You’ll need to complete it multiple times to get them all.

Each Cleaner also has an outfit that is earned by completing 250 mission with them. For example, Jim has an outfit called Backwoods Blaze while Karlee has an outfit called Punk’s Not Dead. That’s a lot of missions, so you’ll need to get to work!

There are also some “Item Sets” which are separate cosmetic items for your Cleaner. These go on the head, body, and legs and can be mixed and matched. There are reports floating around that these are unlocked through the Supply Lines.

Given that Turtle Rock has an annual pass for Back 4 Blood, there’s a good chance players will be able to unlock more outfits in the future. Some will probably be available through in-game challenges while others might be unlocked using money. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Back 4 Blood page for even more guides and tips to help you unlock everything in the game.

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