GM halts Bolt EV production line following vehicle fires

The production line for the Bolt EV has been down since late August while workers install replacement battery modules for recalled electric vehicles.


General Motors, one of the largest automakers in the world, has run into some negative press as of late. The company was forced to recall all of its Bolt EVs as a potential manufacturing defect resulted in thirteen Bolts catching fire. The main production line for the Bolt EV has been suspended since August 23 so that workers can service the incoming recalled vehicles. GM now expects this halt in new Bolt production to last through November 1, two weeks longer than initially planned.

The culprit responsible for the spontaneous fires that have occurred in Bolt EVs has been traced back to manufacturing defects in the battery system provided by LG Battery Solution. According to General Motors, the defects in the Bolt EV’s battery system are a torn anode tab and folded separator that when present in the same battery cell can increase the risk of fire. The automaker also noted that the line responsible for producing the Chevrolet Equinox will also be temporarily suspended due to ongoing semiconductor shortages.

General Motors also announced that a deal had been struck with battery supplier LG Battery Solution to reimburse the automaker for costs associated with the Bolt recall. The estimated $2 billion cost of the recall will be offset on General Motors’ third-quarter balance sheet by $1.9 billion as a part of this agreement.

The recall itself has been a major blow to General Motors as the company has been in the process of slowly converting its entire portfolio of vehicles to electric power through the next decade. It is unclear if the Bolt recall will have substantial effects on the public perception of General Motors’ electric vehicles or models from its competitors.

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