How to give copper, ammo & items to friends - Back 4 Blood

Drop ammo for your friend, give them some copper, and toss and extra bandage their way in Back 4 Blood so you can all survive.


Back 4 Blood requires a lot of teamwork and part of that is giving your copper and ammo to friends. By giving a teammate your excess ammo, you’re ensuring they’re able to keep on shooting and keep you safe. As for giving allies copper (or money), this allows your team to get kitted out at the shops in the safe houses. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to give items in Back 4 Blood.

How to give copper, ammo and other items to teammates

Whether you’re giving copper to a friend, ammo to a teammate, or some other item to a fellow Cleaner, it all uses the same mechanic in Back 4 Blood. Giving your ally these items is all done through the inventory menu.

give ammo drop items back 4 blood
Use the buttons shown on the bottom of the screen to drop ammo, give copper, and offer any excess items to your friends.

Open your inventory (Tab on PC) and mouse-over the item you want to give. Things like copper, ammo, and bandages can be dropped in smaller quantities using left-click or right-click to drop the whole lot. So if you want one player to purchase the upgrades that benefit your team, you’ll want to use the “drop all” option. You can also click and drag the item off the menu to drop it. As for dropping weapons, just left-click the weapon to drop it.

back 4 blood give ammo
You can drop copper for your friends in Back 4 Blood. Use this to buy the more expensive team-based items.

Unfortunately, you can’t drop attachments from weapons using this method. In fact, you can’t even pull attachments off of your gun in Back 4 Blood. In saying this, there is a way to remove attachments, but it’s a bit of a hassle.

If you’re all using different weapons, it can be a good idea to constantly pick up every ammo type so you can drop ammo for your friends when they run out. When you get to a safe house, make sure to drop some copper so your teammates can buy themselves something nice. Stop by the Shacknews Back 4 Blood page for other tips to help you survive the Ridden.

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