How to unlock the Grapple Beam ability - Metroid Dread

Unlock the Grapple Beam in Metroid Dread and start pulling objects, opening doors, and crossing large gaps by swinging across with ease.


While wall-jumping is excellent, the Grapple Beam ability really helps Samus move around in Metroid Dread. Unlocking the Grapple Bream is vital if you want to explore previously inaccessible areas and even continue to push on through the game. The move is easy to unlock, as you don’t need to fight anything to claim it.

Grapple Beam location – Metroid Dread

The Grapple Beam is unlocked in the Artaria area, at the top-center of the map. This area is accessed from the save room right below the purple area. Open the door on the right of the save room, drop down to the lower level and open the yellow door on the right. In the next room, drop down and shoot the red shield on the door.

metroid dread grapple beam unlock location
The Grapple Beam is found in Artaria, in the location shown above.

This next room will have a box with a grapple point and a statue holding a sphere. Grab the sphere from the statue to unlock the Grapple Beam. To get out, you’ll need to use it on the block, pulling it down. Jump up and use your new ability on the door and then swing across the gap in the next room using the grapple point on the ceiling.

metroid dread grapple beam guide

If you haven’t figured it out already, the Grapple Beam is a ropelike beam that can connect to grapple points. To use it, hold ZR and press Y to fire it out. When it connects, push the left stick in the opposite direction to pull objects. When you’re connected to a swing point, Samus can swing back and forth to cross larger gaps than she can with her jump. You can also use it to grab on to magnetic walls and the like.

The Grapple Beam is one of the many movement tools Samus can acquire in Metroid Dread. This one is certainly easier to acquire than those abilities that are awarded for defeating bosses, like the Phantom Cloak. Roll on over to the Shacknews Metroid Dread page for more ability location guides.

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