Quake Remastered Update 1 patch notes expand bot support

Whether you're playing multiplayer with buddies, bots, or a mix, the first update for Quake Remastered is expanding the bot availability and function.


Quake Remastered has been out for a moment now, bringing the classic gothic arena shooter to new consoles with new improvements and features to go along with them. You might have thought id Software and Bethesda would release this remaster and call it a day, but they’re improving upon the what’s out there. Update 1 has launched for Quake Remastered, bringing along expanded features and improvements to go along with it, notably to bots in multiplayer. We’ve got the patch notes right here for you.

Quake Remastered Update 1 patch notes

Quake Remastered Update 1 and its patch notes launched on October 7, 2021 on all available platforms. It brings with it a list of changes, including bug fixes and improvements to the game. Notably, a bunch of new maps are getting bot support in multiplayer and the bots themselves are getting improvements to their behavior and play. You can find the full list of patch notes just below.



  • Improved analog stick input on controllers – now more responsive by default
  • Added deadzone, aim acceleration, exponent and aim smoothing options to tweak gamepad input in the Input Options menu

Map Improvements: Dimension of the Machine

  • Hell or Dark Water (MGE3M2): added checkpoint spawns in co-op after traps section
  • Grave Machine (MGE4M1): added checkpoint spawns in co-op and fixed pain triggers around pentagram
  • A Grave Mistake (MGE4M2): added checkpoint spawns in co-op and pain triggers to prevent falling through and skipping them

General Improvements

  • Save game process is faster on large levels
  • Hosts are now identified by an icon instead of a color to make it easier to distinguish for color blind players
  • Weapon wheel HUD element is no longer cut off on local multiplayer vertical split-screen

Online Multiplayer

  • Removed visible game limit in match browser
  • Improved Scourge of Armagon client-side prediction


  • Added bot support for the following levels
    • The Slipgate Complex (E1M1)
    • Castle of the Damned (E1M2)
    • The House of Chthon (E1M7)
    • The Elder God Shrine (E4M3)
    • Shub-Niggurath's Pit (END)
    • The Edge of Oblivion (HIPDM1)
    • The Pumping Station (HIP1M1)
  • Improved bot melee attack, swimming and weapon selection behaviors
  • Added text dialogues for when bots make kills or get killed
  • Improved bot handling of elevators
  • Improved bot navigation on The Abandoned Base (DM3)

PC Only

  • Added monitor select option
  • Control Updates
    • Added quick save and quick load key binds
    • Added default keyboard binds for the Laser Cannon, and Mjolnir in Scourge of Armagon
  • Note: Users with existing save data may need to bind these manually from the Input Options menu

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed backward movement speed accidentally being set to walk
  • Game speed now correctly resets after using the Weapon Wheel
  • Resolved a bug that could result in the player getting stuck when jumping out of the water
  • Turning off friendly fire no longer prevents self-damage


  • Fixed rare audio crash in Scourge of Armagon
  • Resolved issue that caused excessive clipping when multiple sounds play simultaneously
  • Resolved an issue in which the wrong audio track was playing during the Scourge of Armagon demo
  • Fixed an issue in which Track 11 was playing instead of Track 10 on Gloom Keep (E1M5), The Wizard’s Manse (E2M5), The wind Tunnels (E3M5) and Hell’s Atrium (E4M5)


  • The Silver Key no longer shows up in Hell’s Atrium (E4M5) on Deathmatch
  • Fixed an issue in which some decals were oriented incorrectly in Scourge of Armagon
  • Fixed a lighting bug in The Door to Chthon (E1M6) that caused the darkened path to be lit prematurely
  • Darkened lighting on the roof to restore the original visual effect on Shub-Niggurath's Pit (END)


  • Usernames with quotation marks now appear correctly in game
  • Spanish episode end slate text is no longer cut off
  • Texture smoothing setting restores correctly after deactivating the Quake 64 add-on
  • Fixed bug in which enhanced Ogre model would sink into ground plane after death

Online Multiplayer

  • Resolved issue when sounds would drop and entities disappear or flicker during online play


  • Resolved issue where bots would not grab needed pickups
  • Bots should now see all triggers and doors as shootable
  • Bots no longer linger in slime or lava for too long
  • Removed Bot support on maps that lack waypoints
  • Fixed issue in which bots tried to re-use single-use buttons and triggers

Xbox Only

  • Fixed an issue that caused players who joined local multiplayer to inherit Player 1’s control preferences

PlayStation Only

  • Improved save file handling

PC Only

  • Fixed an issue in which the Max FPS option did not correctly display custom settings in drop down menu
  • Disabled GPU culling to improve performance in Dimension of the Machine

Modding Improvements

The following changes apply to users who may be developing add-ons that work on the PC version of Quake

PC Only

  • Added the pr_checkextension cvar and checkextension ("QUAKE_EX") function in QuakeC to detect if the mod is running under the updated Quake client
  • Added the cl_nocsqc cvar (it is permanently set to 1 to indicate to modders that CSQC is not supported)
  • Removed the -heapsize command line parameter. It is no longer used in favor of a dynamically sized heap
  • Added FL_NO_BOTS edict flag (Instructs bots to ignore specified object(s) in QuakeC)
  • Added a QuakeC built-in for playing a sound on a client: void localsound( entity client, string sample ) = #80;
  • Added the following QuakeC built-in functions for drawing debug shapes on clients (these are intended to help mod authors visually debug logic in 3D space):
    • void draw_point( vector point, float colormap, float lifetime, float depthtest ) = #81;
    • void draw_line( vector start, vector end, float colormap, float lifetime, float depthtest ) = #82;
    • void draw_arrow( vector start, vector end, float colormap, float size, float lifetime, float depthtest ) = #83;
    • void draw_ray( vector start, vector direction, float length, float colormap, float size, float lifetime, float depthtest ) = #84;
    • void draw_circle( vector origin, float radius, float colormap, float lifetime, float depthtest ) = #85;
    • void draw_bounds( vector min, vector max, float colormap, float lifetime, float depthtest ) = #86;
    • void draw_worldtext( string s, vector origin, float size, float lifetime, float depthtest ) = #87;
    • void draw_sphere( vector origin, float radius, float colormap, float lifetime, float depthtest ) = #88;
    • void draw_cylinder( vector origin, float halfHeight, float radius, float colormap, float lifetime, float depthtest ) = #89;
  • Added logic that resets AI state to neutral when activating the bot navigation editor
  • Added bot nav editor fullbright toggle key bind to F2
  • Added "CheckForFloor" flag to nav nodes (this can be used for drawbridges, floor traps, etc.)
  • Added "CheckForSolid" flag to nav nodes (this can be used for crushers, traps, movable walls, etc.)
  • Added ability to place nav nodes in shallow lava
  • Added the following cvars to change nav editor window positions:
    • nav_properties_xpos
    • nav_properties_ypos
    • nav_legend_xpos
    • nav_legend_ypos
  • Added navEdit_defaultNodeRadius to set preferred default nav node radius
  • Added ability to lock node height in place when moving nodes around
  • Added navEdit_defaultNodeRadius to set preferred default nav node radius
  • Added navEdit_waterLookPointDist to control how far away nodes will be placed in front of player when in water

Modding Fixes

PC Only

  • Fixed an issue in which the save command was appending an "s" to the beginning of filenames, resolving auto-save in mods like “Copper”
  • Fixed Alpha not being applied to brush models
  • Restored original behavior of centerprint, sprint, and bprint built-ins to fix issues with mods expecting arguments to concatenate instead of a string format

That covers the entirety of patch notes for Quake Remastered Update 1. Be sure to check out our extended thoughts on Quake Remastered and stay tuned for further updates and news.

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