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Alberto 'Crumbz' Rengifo talks Red Bull's Solo Q competition

The age old tradition of fighting someone mano-a-mano is being celebrated in Red Bull's Solo Q competition.


The art of taking on a foe in a one-on-one fight is a staple of video games. Whether you were challenging your friend after talking smack on the playground or putting some snotty-nosed kid in their place online, the phrase, “One-v-one me, bro!” gets thrown around a lot. And so, what better way to celebrate the age of tradition than to have a competition designed specifically around 1v1s? That’s what Red Bull’s Solo Q competition is all about and we got to talk to Alberto ‘Crumbz’ Rengifo about the details.

Rengifo talks about his background in League of Legends, about the thrill of challenging someone to a 1v1 and coming out victorious. It’s moments like these, where you put everything on the line, and see who really is the superior player when all external factors are stripped away. That’s what Red Bull’s Solo Q competition is all about: 1v1s in League of Legends.

To learn more about this new competition, head over to Red Bull’s Solo Q page. There, you can enter the competition and learn more about the grand prize drawing. While you’re out there gallivanting around the internet, be sure to stop by and subscribe to the Shacknews and GamerHubTV YouTube channels for the latest developer interviews and exclusive gameplay of the latest games.

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