Dead Cells lead designer's new game Nuclear Blaze launches this month

Players will take on roaring infernos and the hazards they cause in this action-packed 2D firefighter game later in October 2021.


Former Motion Twin dev Sébastien Benard had a heavy hand in the creation of its roguelike 2D action platformer Dead Cells, and though he’s moved onto a new studio with Deepnight Games, he hasn’t slowed down in the slightest. Deepnight and Benard have been hard at work on something new and it’s almost ready to roll out. Nuclear Blaze is a 2D firefighter action platformer coming to Steam later this October.

Deepnight Games revealed Nuclear Blaze with a blazing hot trailer on its YouTube channel on October 6, 2021. Continuing in Benard’s style of pixelated 2D side-scroller action, Nuclear Blaze puts players in the role of a firefighter navigating burning a burning military facility and dodging pitfalls at every turn as they traverse the complex and search for survivors. Each door leads to unknown danger, secrets, and story about what the facility is for and how the fire started. Plus, there are cats to save as well, as any firefighter commonly goes out of their way to do.

Nuclear Blaze got a release date of October 18, 2021. It will be launching first on PC via Steam this month, though no further platforms have been announced at this time. It features the design philosophies of Sébastien Benard front-and-center, putting fluid movement and mobility first as you work your way around fire, water, electricity, and any combination of those and other elements and hazards. It’s also built to be enjoyed by players of all ages and features a dedicated “Kid Mode” that lessens the challenge and makes it accessible to pretty much any skill level.

Dead Cells has been a long-beloved and fantastic bit of roguelike 2D platforming. With Nuclear Blaze carrying the concepts and talents of that game onto something new, it will be well worth a watch as it launches later this October. Stay tuned for further updates and details here at Shacknews.

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