How to upgrade your camp - New World

Unlocking camp upgrades in New World allows you to craft better food and potions.


Upgrading your camp in New World will let you do more things while away from a settlement. An upgraded camp will offer more cooking options and the ability to craft better potions. The only trouble is that the path to upgrade your camp isn’t quite clear.

Upgrade camp in New World

new world camp upgrade
Camp upgrades are tied to set levels, which grant quests that will improve your camp through five tiers.

In order to upgrade your camp in New World, you must first reach the required level and then complete the associated side quest. The first camp you create is quite soon after the start of the game, once you clear the beach quests and do some work at the first settlement. But soon after that, you’ll want to craft a tier 2 camp. Here are all the camp tiers and the levels camp upgrades are unlocked:

  • Camp Tier 1 – Level 5
  • Camp Tier 2 – Level 15
  • Camp Tier 3 – Level 25
  • Camp Tier 4 – Level 40
  • Camp Tier 5 – Level 55

Once you hit the correct level, you will need to complete the associated side-quest. These will take you all around the map, speaking to Survivalists and doing some tasks to aid them. It’s a good idea to do these as soon as you can, as an improved camp is going to offer more benefits.

  • Level 5 – Complete the beach and starting settlement quests
  • Level 15 – Friends in Fashion
  • Level 25 – Animal Instincts
  • Level 40 – Lupine Observations
  • Level 55 – Fading Lights

The camp upgrades will be automatically applied to your camp after the quest is completed and your reward has been claimed.

Upgrading your camp in New World will require hitting specific levels and then completing specific quests. An upgraded camp will allow you to craft better meals and potions while out in the wild. Be sure to check out the Shacknews New World page for our ongoing coverage of Amazon Games’ first triple-A title.

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