Bandai Namco to change logo in 2022 'Fun for All into the Future' Purpose shift

Bandai Namco plans to retire its current logo and launch the new one with its new company initiative in April 2022.


Bandai Namco’s current logo has been around for quite some time and been applied to everything from its video games to arcade machines to outright business endeavors. The yellow, red, and orange are recognizable from a mile away and, arguably, even produce a warm fuzzy feeling when you jump into a Bandai Namco title. It’s about to change though. Bandai Namco has announced a new Purpose statement and initiative coming in 2022 and with it, the current Bandai Namco logo will be replaced by another.

The company announced its change in mission and direction, as well as the Bandai Namco logo change in a press release launched on September 30, 2021. Starting around mid-April 2022, Bandai Namco will shift its business Purpose towards a new initiative it is calling “Fun for All into the Future.” With that comes the logo change which will do away with the classic red/yellow/orange we know and adopt a more straightforward-looking design.

“The new logo’s speech bubble motif, ‘Fukidashi’ in Japanese, expresses the potential of the brand to connect with people around the world and inspire them with amazing ideas,” Bandai Namco’s statement explains.

Bandai Namco explains that its new logo is meant to convey a desire to connect with people around the world.
Bandai Namco explains that its new logo is meant to convey a desire to connect with people around the world.

At the risk of editorializing, it looks… boring. Even putting aside our warm familiarity with the previous logo and inclination to resist change in an attempt to approach this with an open mind, it looks very devoid of the bubbly, warm joy provoked by the previous logo. Bandai Namco’s new logo seems very practical and far more business-forward.

Similar sentiments were shared by many on the internet as Bandai Namco’s statement was shared and the logo got around. Since its arrival, there have been no lack of folks out there dunking on the shift in style from the previous, familiar Bandai Namco banner.

With Bandai Namco moving on this new “Fun for All into the Future” initiative next year in April 2022, maybe they’ll spruce up the logo a bit. Even so, it’s not like the company is done making good games (see the impeccable Scarlet Nexus among many other titles this year). Nonetheless, we’ll be on the lookout for more details regarding Bandai Namco’s new Purpose throughout the coming year. Stay tuned.

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