How to craft a fishing rod - New World

Make a fishing rod in New World so you can start enjoying one of the most relaxing pastimes.


Crafting a fishing rod in New World is your first step to feeding yourself. With a fishing rod, you’ll be able to catch fish, reel in trinkets, and complete a variety of quests. The basic fishing rod only needs a couple of resources, most of which are easy to locate in the world.

How to craft a fishing rod

new world craft fishing rod
You will need Green Wood and Fibers to craft a fishing rod in New World.

Before you can go fishing, you will need to craft a fishing rod in New World. The fishing rod is classified as a Survival Tool, meaning it sits alongside the mining pick, sickle, and other items in your inventory. You need the following resources to craft a fishing rod:

  • Green Wood
  • Fibers

Green Wood is found by harvesting bushes – these are dotted everywhere. Just walk up to one, harvest it, and you’ll get some wood and maybe even some bait. Fibers, on the other hand, are only found in Hemp, which can be difficult to spot. A good place to look is in the fields outside your closest starting Settlement. The Hemp plant looks green with a budding flower at the top (sometimes brown, sometimes pink, or maybe even other colors). Harvest the Hemp to get Fibers – there is no need to process the plant.

new world hemp
Hemp can be found in fields, like those outside of major settlements.

With enough Green Wood and Fibers, go to a crafting station. You can use your bedroll or one in-town, and craft yourself one Wooden Fishing Pole. This is the basic fishing rod. It offers no bonuses, but it will get the job done.

After you make the fishing pole, open your inventory and equip it in your survival section (where the sickle, skinning knife, and the others go). Now you’re ready to go fishing!

Making a fishing rod in New World is incredibly easy. The first one you can make is called a Wooden Fishing Pole and it will allow you to catch fish and other oddities. Wander over to the Shacknews New World page for more help.

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